Candidate Profiles

Katie Hobbs (Photo courtesy of the Katie Hobbs for Governor campaign)

Governor: Katie Hobbs touts political competence – and ‘sanity’

Kari Lake (Photo courtesy of the Kari Lake campaign)

Governor: Kari Lake touts lack of political experience

Mark Kelly (Photo courtesy of the Mark Kelly campaign)

U.S. Senate: Mark Kelly outspends, outpolls opponent

Blake Masters (Photo courtesy of the Blake Masters campaign)

U.S. Senate: Blake Masters dislikes the country’s direction

Marc Victor (Photo courtesy of Marc Victor)

U.S. Senate: Libertarian Marc Victor’s philosophy is ‘live and let live’

Adrian Fontes (Photo courtesy of the Adrian Fontes campaign)

Secretary of state: Adrian Fontes wants to restore faith in elections

Mark Finchem (Photo courtesy of the Mark Finchem campaign)

Secretary of state: Voting conspiracist Mark Finchem wants to run elections

Kris Mayes (Photo courtesy of Kris Mayes campaign)

Attorney general: Kris Mayes wants to ‘depoliticize the office’

Abe Hamadeh (Photo courtesy of the Abe Hamadeh campaign)

Attorney general: Abe Hamadeh running against ‘leftist mob’

Kimberly Yee (Photo courtesy of the Kimberly Yee campaign)

Arizona treasurer: Kimberly Yee stresses transparency

Martín Quezada (Photo courtesy of the Martín Quezada campaign)

State treasurer: Legislator Martín Quezada makes bid for treasurer

Kathy Hoffman (Photo courtesy of the Kathy Hoffman campaign)

Schools superintendent: Kathy Hoffman touts ‘relentless optimism’

Tom Horne (Photo courtesy of Tom Horne)

Schools superintendent: Tom Horne says he’ll focus on academics, not CRT

Kevin Thompson (Photo courtesy of the Kevin Thompson campaign)

Corp Comm: Kevin Thompson aims to reduce high utility rates

Lauren Kuby (Photo courtesy of the Lauren Kuby campaign)

Corp Comm: Lauren Kuby sees bright future with solar energy

Nick Myers (Photo courtesy of Nick Myers campaign)

Corp Comm: Nick Myers says clean energy mandates won’t work

Sandra Kennedy (Photo courtesy of the Sandra Kennedy campaign)

Corp Comm: Sandra Kennedy seeks wants renewable energy

Jevin Hodge (Photo courtesy of the Jevin Hodge campaign)

U.S. House, D1: Jevin Hodge hopes to bring fresh perspectives

David Schweikert (Courtesy of the David Schweikert campaign)

U.S. House, D1: Schweikert leans on conservative credentials

Election 2022

U.S. House, D2: Eli Crane limits public access, doesn’t live in district

Tom O’Halleran (Photo courtesy of the Tom O’Halleran campaign)

U.S. House, D2: O’Halleran faces tougher race in redrawn district

Ruben Gallego (Photo courtesy of Gallego for Arizona)

U.S. House, D3: Gallego’s priorities are affordable housing, immigration reform

Election 2022

U.S. House, D3: Jeff Zink sees election as good vs. evil

U.S. House, D4: Stanton in tight race in redrawn district

Kelly Cooper (Photo courtesy of the Kelly Cooper campaign)

U.S. House, D4: Kelly Cooper

Andy Biggs (Photo courtesy of the Andy Biggs campaign)

U.S. House, D5: Andy Biggs seeks fourth term

Clint Smith (Photo courtesy of the Clint Smith campaign)

U.S. House, D5: Clint Smith hopes to win as independent

Election 2022

U.S. House, District 5: Javier Garcia Ramos running without campaign contributions

Kirsten Engel (Photo courtesy of the Kirsten Engel campaign)

U.S. House, D6: Kirsten Engel promotes sustainable economy

U.S. House, D 6: Ciscomani wants to battle ‘the radical left’

Raúl Grijalva (Photo courtesy of the Raúl Grijalva campaign)

U.S. House, District 7: Grijalva touts liberal credentials in seeking 11th term in Congress

Luis Pozzolo (Photo courtesy of the Luis Pozzolo campaign)

U.S. House, D7: Luis Pozzolo mounts a long shot campaign

Arizona Prop 128: What to know

Proposition 128 would allow lawmakers to change or repeal voter approved ballot measures if they are found to have illegal or unconstitutional language.

Arizona Prop 129: What to know

Proposition 129 would require all citizen-created ballot initiatives to have a single subject that is stated in the title.

Arizona Prop 130: What to know

Prop 130 would give veterans with disabilities and their widow or widowers property tax exemptions regardless of when they started living in Arizona.

Arizona Prop 131: What to know

If approved, Arizona proposition 131 would create the position of lieutenant governor. This candidate would join the ticket to run for office with the governor.

Arizona Prop 209: What to know

Prop 209 would increase protections for Arizona residents who face potential wage or asset seizures because of outstanding debt.

Arizona Prop 309: What to know

Prop 309 would require dates of birth and voter identification numbers for mail-in ballots and would eliminate the two-document alternative to photo IDs for in-person voting.