Cronkite News is the news division of Arizona PBS, the largest media organization operated by a journalism school in the world. With reporting bureaus in Phoenix, Washington and Los Angeles, we strive to deliver important, impactful Arizona news to 1.9 million homes and news organizations across the state.

Cronkite News is a product of the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University with 15 full-time editors/professionals and more than 120 students who produce daily news content on TV and digital platforms for Arizona audiences. They pitch story ideas, get assignments and report and produce multimedia stories on deadline under the direction of professional editors for Cronkite News – all while meeting the expectations of this professional news organization.


Phoenix bureau: 602-496-5050 or [email protected]
Washington, D.C., bureau: 202-684-2400 or [email protected]
Sports desks: 602-496-5020 or [email protected]


Mark Lodato, associate dean and associate general manager, Arizona PBS: 602-496-9415 or [email protected] | @marklodatoasu
Christina Leonard, executive editor for Cronkite News: 602-361-5893 or [email protected] | @caleonard
Sadie Babits, content director for sustainability: 208-409-5437 or [email protected] | @sadiebabits
Paola Boivin, director for digital content, Phoenix sports bureau: 602-496-5233 or [email protected] | @PaolaBoivin
Christy Bricks, executive producer for broadcast: 602-908-8150 or [email protected] | @christybricks
Steve Crane, director for Washington, D.C., bureau: 202-684-2398 or [email protected] | @cnscrane
Heather Dunn, content director for education, government and justice: [email protected] | @heatherdunn12
Valeria Fernandez, director for Noticias: 480-414-0826 or [email protected] | @valfernandez
Tom Feuer, director for Los Angeles bureau: 424-238-0272 or [email protected] | @TomFeuer
Jim Jacoby, director for studio production: 602-496-7313 or [email protected] | @J_Jacoby
Venita Hawthorne, content director for consumer, health and money: [email protected] | @venitajames
Brett Kurland, director for Phoenix sports bureau: 602-496-5134 or [email protected] | @brettkurland
Frank Mungeam, director of TV news innovation: [email protected] | @frankwords
Eric Newton, innovation chief: [email protected] | @ericnewton1
Vanessa Ruiz, content director for borderlands: 602-496-8300 or [email protected] | @vanessaruiznews
Lori Todd, director for digital production and social media: 954-684-8639 or [email protected] | @loritodd


Borderlands: The borderlands team covers border relations, immigration, Latino and diversity issues.

Consumer: The consumer team covers health care, housing, consumer trends and consumer behavior.

Education: The education team covers pre-school through higher education.

Government and Justice: The government/justice team examines politics, public policies and agencies that have an impact statewide.

Money: The Reynolds Business Reporting Bureau covers business and the economy.

Noticias: The Noticias team covers topics from all our reporting beats for our Spanish-language platforms.

Sports: The sports bureau covers professional, college and high school teams across the Valley and major sporting events that occur in Arizona.

Sustainability: The sustainability team covers a variety of topics, from water and renewable energy to urbanization and climate change.

Broadcast Production: The newscast producer team coordinates all editorial aspects of the Cronkite News broadcast content, selecting stories, preparing presentation plans for reporters, writing scripts, creating graphics, editing video and managing the talent for the newscasts on Arizona PBS, our Facebook Live updates, and CNinsider social channel.

Digital Production: The digital production team handles all things visual for the Cronkite News website. This includes data visualization, web production and design, photography and web video.

Social Media: The social media team engages audiences across Arizona with compelling content, live news coverage and real conversation.

Weather: Our weather team provides weather forecasts for areas across Arizona.

LOS ANGELES BUREAU: Reporters cover professional, college and Olympic sports in the nation’s second-largest media market.

WASHINGTON, D.C., BUREAU: The bureau covers news from the nation’s capital.