‘Absolute beautiful place’: Rockin’ River Ranch State Park opens in Camp Verde

CAMP VERDE – After several setbacks, Rockin’ River Ranch State Park opened on Feb. 9 in Camp Verde. The native wildlife, hiking trails, fishing and picnic areas of the newest state park have already attracted local and international visitors.

Stables are shown at Rockin’ River Ranch on March 23, 2024, in Camp Verde. (Photo by Mariah Temprendola/Cronkite News)

Water and power collide in proposed $100 million Colorado River deal

The Shoshone Generating Station is easy to overlook, but it's key to "one of the most interesting ... water rights on the Colorado River” - a deal to spend nearly $100 million for rights to the water that powers the facility and preserve it for western Colorado users.

Where flower fields historically grew, the next generation of farmers cultivates south Phoenix

PHOENIX – The flower fields once grown by Japanese American farmers along part of Baseline Road have now been replaced by housing and urban development. Despite the drastic changes to the South Mountain area, the unique subclimate at the base of the mountain makes it the perfect place for agriculture and farming.

State officials warn of potentially ‘explosive’ wildfires this summer

PHOENIX - Forestry officials said Arizona is on the verge of a volatile wildfire season, and they urged state residents to be prepared and to take steps now to head off the worst of it.

Gila River Indian Community rejects states’ plan for Colorado, works with feds

The Gila River Indian Community said it does not support a plan backed by three states for managing the Colorado River’s shrinking water supply, and is instead working instead with federal officials to develop its own proposal for water sharing.

Coconino official says improvements needed for federal wildfire assistance

WASHINGTON - A Coconino County official joined other witnesses who told a Senate panel Wednesday that there need to be improvements in the overlapping and sometimes confusing way federal agencies help local governments respond to crises like wildfires.

What Arizona and Maricopa County are doing to manage smoke, air quality

PHOENIX – The Maricopa County Air Quality Department and the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality are working to maintain the health and prosperity of the environment and residents as it relates to air quality through no-burn days and prescribed-burn smoke dispersion.

The American Lung Association designated the Phoenix-Mesa area in the top 10 most-polluted cities by ozone and by year-round particle pollution in its State of the Air 2023 report. (File photo by Kasey Brammell/Cronkite News)

Colorado River states offer competing proposals for managing water

The seven states that use water from the Colorado River proposed competing plans to the federal government this week on the river's future management, with upper and lower basin states offering their own visions.

If trees could talk: Tree rings show recent decades warmest in 500 years

The current Western megadrought is unlike any other dry period the region has experienced over the past 500 years. That’s according to a new study in which scientists looked at tree rings to track changing temperatures going back to 1553.

Arizona leaders take advantage of Inflation Reduction Act tax credits for sustainability projects

PHOENIX – Leaders of Arizona’s public, private and nonprofit sectors discussed financial incentives in the Inflation Reduction Act, explaining how they will use available federal funds for environmental efforts and renewable energy projects.

Chub snub? Advocates question plan to protect threatened Colorado River fish

Federal water managers proposed a new plan to protect the humpback chub, a threatened native fish species in the Colorado River and its tributaries, but conservation groups say it does not go far enough.

Federal regulators deny permits for hydropower projects on Navajo Nation

Federal energy officials took the unusual step of denying permits Thursday to several pumped hydropower projects proposed on the Navajo Nation, citing a new policy that gives tribes a greater voice in projects on their lands - a move welcomed by advocates.