Phoenix Mercury coach Nate Tibbetts is 'proud' and 'thankful' to follow in his father's footsteps after spending most of his career in the NBA. (Photo by Shirell Washington/Cronkite News)

Tibbetts makes mark in WNBA debut season with Mercury

PHOENIX – Many criticized the Phoenix Mercury for hiring Nate Tibbetts, who had no prior experience coaching in the WNBA. However, the South Dakota native is building a “family atmosphere” thanks to inspiration from his family, coaches and players.

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Pop fly and shut-eye: This fake baseball podcast is a cure for insomnia

PHOENIX – Fake baseball games as a cure for insomnia? That’s the wish of the Northwoods Sleep Baseball podcast, which hopes you’re not awake in the ninth inning.

The Northwoods Baseball Sleep Radio podcast delivers fake baseball play-by-play in dulcet tones to help listeners fall asleep. (Graphic courtesy of Northwoods Baseball Sleep Radio)

Taurasi's secret struggle with eczema and her mission to help others

PHOENIX – For the first time, Diana Taurasi is opening up about her battle with moderate-to-severe eczema. The Mercury guard discusses moments of vulnerability, treatments and partnering with a pharmaceutical company to raise awareness about the condition.

Severe exczema is a skin condition that is caused by an overactive immune system and can cause dry, itchy and red skin. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

Phoenix Rising gaining momentum after slow start post-USL Championship

PHOENIX – The Rising were off to a slow start after their championship season. Offseason moves and strong support at home have helped the club get back on track.

From North Philly to Paris: Copper’s road to 2024 Olympics

PHOENIX – Mercury guard Kahleah Copper was selected to the Olympic roster for the first time. The trials she endured leading up to receiving the call makes her appreciate this achievement much more.

Averaging 24 points for the Phoenix Mercury, Kahleah Copper’s outstanding season performance underscores her readiness for the 2024 Olympics. (Photo by Shirell Washington/Cronkite News)

Give me an R! Snubbed by Olympics, cheerleading seeks respect

PHOENIX – Despite the hours, risk of injuries and athleticism required, cheerleading is still searching for respect as it seeks to find a place in a future Olympics.

More and more cheer teams are coed, just like the University of Western Ontario’s cheer team. Despite the athleticism involved, cheerleading is still struggling to be accepted as a sport. (Photo courtesy of David-Lee Tracey).