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Cronkite News stories, photos and videos are available to publications, websites and newscasts that have agreed to terms of use set forth by the Cronkite School. The service is free. To arrange to use Cronkite News content, contact Julia Thompson [email protected].

Cronkite News sends out a daily news digest of coming stories every weekday the bureaus are in operation. Find a copy of the latest digest here. Clients can find the text stories and links to videos, graphics and audio pieces – as well as downloadable photos – on the client site.

Terms of use:

Cronkite News content is available for use by news organizations without charge, as long as the organization credits Cronkite News and the reporters who produced the story. This includes both the bylines/photo credits and the Cronkite News credit line.

We also request organizations include the following tagline: For more stories from Cronkite News, visit

In addition to agreeing to properly credit our stories, organizations must agree to run corrections Cronkite News issues.

News organizations may edit content for style or add Cronkite News-produced elements to other stories as long as the work is properly attributed to Cronkite News.