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Without researchers or funds, Puerto Rico universities grapple with future after Hurricane Maria

College-educated professionals, such as doctors and scientists, have left Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria.

A lack of inclusive sex education in Arizona could cause a rise in HIV/AIDS diagnoses

A community sexuality educator at Planned Parenthood of Arizona believes the lack of inclusive sex education is leading unknowing young people to partake in risky and potentially life-threatening sexual behavior.

Undocumented LGBTQ protesters clash with Phoenix police at Pride parade, vow to hold own event next year

Leaders of Trans Queer Pueblo said 2018 Pride Festival organizers and Phoenix Police made it clear the group was not welcome. Next year, they’ll launch their own event.

Feeling disenfranchised by Phoenix Pride, undocumented LGBT people find their own way to celebrate

With the Phoenix Pride Festival and Parade now just one day away, organizers and members of Trans Queer Pueblo, a community organization providing political, economic, and social services to undocumented LGBT people of color, have wrapped up a week of action leading up to Sunday’s events.

Path to citizenship is long, frustrating and expensive

The pathway to citizenship differs based on your status and legality in the country. The pathways to citizenship is still unclear for thousands of DACA recipients and undocumented immigrants, while residents have the upper hand.

Hate crimes continue to strike minority communities in the Valley

Hate Crimes continue to happen and threaten minority communities across the valley. Cronkite News takes a deeper look into the demographics and reasoning behind hate crimes.

Arizona Latinx performers: Using the stage as a platform to show their pride and culture

The mariachi group showcases young musicians and performers whose motivation for playing mariachi music is the same: to represent their Mexican culture with pride.

Hispanic chamber: If Salvadorans with TPS are deported, Arizona’s economy would suffer

Arizona's economy will be affected by the termination of TPS for people from El Salvador.

Tempe City Council fails to pass border wall resolution

Tempe City Council will not be joining other Arizona cities in taking a stance against President Donald J. Trump’s proposed border wall along the U.S.-Mexico Border.