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Senator promises public town halls on physician-assisted suicide until legalized

In 2014, Dan Diaz and his wife Brittany Maynard packed up everything and moved to Oregon, where Brittany, who had a terminal illness, could use the state’s death with dignity law and pass in peace.

Valley Metro opens three light rail stations in northwest Phoenix

After more than three years of construction, Valley Metro has opened service to three light rail stations in northwest Phoenix.

As Trump nears nomination, GOP hopefuls juggle his backers, moderates

WASHINGTON - Donald Trump's victory in Arizona this week put him one step closer to the Republican presidential nomination, an increasingly likely outcome that political analysts say could spell trouble for down-ticket Republican candidates.

Phoenix company faces lawsuit for alleged real estate scam targeting Spanish-speaking families

The Arizona Attorney General’s office filed a Consumer Fraud and Civil Racketeering lawsuit alleging a ProSolutions, a Phoenix based company preyed on Spanish-Speaking families who believed they were buying or refinancing a home.

Loan officer Pedro Morales has been contacted by several alleged victims of a housing scam in Phoenix.

Maricopa County app geared for healthy lifestyle

Maricopa County wants Arizonans to get up and get moving with the new Maricopa Healthy app.

A shopper makes a purchase at one of the stands at the Capitol Farmer’s Market.

Giving an Easter pet? Expect problems to multiply like, well, bunnies

WASHINGTON - This is typically not a good time of year for Phoenix rabbit rescuer Kim Dezelon, who expects to spend the coming weeks helping local animal shelters find homes for bunnies given as Easter gifts and quickly abandoned.

Disc golf flying high in Arizona

SCOTTSDALE — On weekends, Vista del Camino Park in Scottsdale is a busy place for runners, walkers and bikers. But over the past decade, the park has become a hotbed for another popular activity in the Valley: disc golf.

Tempe launches effort to become first ‘Dementia Friendly’ city

Tempe residents Don and Sara Walker have been married for 60 years. And since doctors diagnosed Sara with Alzheimer’s disease seven years ago, her husband has been by her side.

Will it play in Peoria – Arizona? State better mirrors U.S. than thought

WASHINGTON - Arizona voters fell in line behind other primary states and backed presidential front-runners Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Tuesday - not that surprising considering a new report that says Arizona's electorate closely mirrors the U.S.

Bike share program Grid expands to Mesa

MESA-Mesa is the Valley’s second city to implement a bike share program.

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Franks, other lawmakers back religious groups ahead of Supreme Court hearing

WASHINGTON - Rep. Trent Franks, R-Glendale, led other lawmakers Tuesday in a show of support for religious groups on the eve of their Supreme Court challenge of an Obamacare mandate for birth-control benefits in employee health plans.