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Tribal members push less government, more sovereignty to conservatives

WASHINGTON - The audience at the Conservative Political Action Conference had heard the message of low taxes and local control from speakers before, but maybe not from this group - Native Americans calling for less government oversight on reservations and greater tribal sovereignty.

Giffords, Democrats rally at Capitol for gun background-check bill

WASHINGTON - Former Arizona Democratic Rep. Gabrielle Giffords rallied House lawmakers to support a bill that would expand the requirement for background checks on private gun sales, a bill critics charge is "well intentioned, but will not solve the problem" of gun violence.

As trade deal looms, North American farm officials pledge cooperation

WASHINGTON - The top agriculture officials from Canada, Mexico and the U.S. reiterated the importance of North American trade and cooperation Thursday in their first joint meeting since the release of a replacement deal for NAFTA that is now struggling toward passage.

As border budget talks wind down, rhetoric from warring sides heats up

WASHINGTON - As congressional negotiators reportedly closed in on a border-security funding compromise, advocates on both sides were complaining about the deal - with immigration advocates saying it gives too much, and strong-border supporters saying it needs to give more.

Pro-life groups seize on Trump call for federal late-term abortion ban

WASHINGTON - Even though Arizona has some of the strongest anti-abortion laws in the nation, pro-life advocates hailed President Donald Trump's call last week for a federal ban on late-term abortions, as pro-choice gave such a measure little chance of succeeding in a divided Congress.

Arizona lawmakers deliver messages with State of the Union guests

WASHINGTON - Lawmakers can each bring a guest to the State of the Union address and most do it to send a subtle - or not so subtle - message. Arizona lawmakers are no different, with guests including a Border Patrol agent and a DACA, a teacher and a conservative talk show host.

Giles, other mayors blast plan to ask citizenship status on 2020 Census

WASHINGTON - Mesa Mayor John Giles derided the Trump administration's plan to ask people their citizenship status on the 2020 census, calling it a "just stupid" move that could lead to undercounts that cost local governments federal funding and congressional representation.

Arizona comes up short again on highway-safety report for lack of laws

WASHINGTON - A new report says Arizona continues to be one of the worst states in the nation for its highway safety laws, falling "dangerously behind in adoption of ... optimal laws," but state officials disputed the report that they said overlooks many of the state's traffic-safety efforts.

Supreme Court won’t hear Arizona law denying bail in sex-assault cases

WASHINGTON - The U.S. Supreme Court has refused to revive a voter-approved Arizona law that would deny bail to suspects in sexual assault cases, declining without comment to review a 2018 Arizona Supreme Court ruling that struck the law down as unconstitutional.

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On eighth anniversary of shooting, Giffords in D.C. to support gun bill

WASHINGTON - Eight years to the day after an attack that killed six and wounded 13, one of those victims, former Tucson Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, was back in Washington Tuesday to tell Congress it's time to act on gun control.

National report card ranks Arizona near bottom of states for highway safety

WASHINGTON – Arizona was third-worst in the country for highway safety in 2017, based on its relative lack of driving-safety laws, a new report says. But one official said the Arizona does not get credit for the good it does.