Court: Maricopa County worker’s talk with reporter was not protected speech

WASHINGTON - A federal appeals court ruled Thursday that the Maricopa County Attorney's Office did not violate the First Amendment rights or employee contract of a former worker it terminated following comments she made to the Arizona Republic.

$2.1 million grant allows Tempe company’s virtual simulator to help train police statewide

TEMPE – The man standing in front of me pants as he holds a gun to a blindfolded woman’s head.

Arizona officials react to new DHS order expanding immigration enforcement

The Department of Homeland Security has ordered more aggressive enforcement of detainment and deportation laws for undocumented immigrants, prioritizing those with criminal convictions but putting anyone in the U.S. illegally at risk of expulsion.

Supreme Court asked if Mexican family can sue in cross-border shooting

WASHINGTON - The U.S. Supreme Court was asked Tuesday if a Mexican family can sue a U.S. Border Patrol agent who shot and killed their teenage son while the youth and the officer were on opposite sides of the border at El Paso, Texas.

Supreme Court facade

Agencies seek help fighting ‘sophisticated’ criminal threat at border

WASHINGTON - Despite efforts to secure U.S. points of entry, drug cartels have the networks, money and technology to continue smuggling drugs into the U.S., law enforcement officials told a House committee Thursday.

Vandalism knocks Phoenix television stations off the air

PHOENIX - Several radio stations and two television stations experienced a 45-minute broadcast interruption after electrical panels for radio and TV transmitters on South Mountain were vandalized early Wednesday morning.

Guns seized by TSA officers continue to rise at Sky Harbor, nationwide

WASHINGTON - Transportation Security Administration officers at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport have confiscated at least 13 guns since the first of the year, most of them loaded, at security checkpoints.

Phoenix parents fight for passage of ‘Joe’s Law’ to test drivers for drugs, alcohol

PHOENIX – Steve and Tana Smith have agonized over their son’s death for seven months. They want one question answered, but it’s an answer that will never come.

Appeals court upholds conviction for border drug smugglers’ lookout

WASHINGTON - A federal appeals court on Tuesday upheld the conviction of a spotter for a group of border drug smugglers, rejecting his argument that his confession was coerced and the government had not presented enough evidence for a conviction.

Election officials: If there was vote fraud, it wasn’t in Arizona

WASHINGTON - Arizona lawmakers defended themselves and the state this week against President Donald Trump's charges that millions of fraudulent votes were cast in November, saying they had seen no evidence of illegal voters in Arizona.

Scottsdale community forum seeks to build bridges with police

SCOTTSDALE – Six Valley police chiefs on Monday joined community members in Scottsdale to help bridge the gap between police and the community and discuss best practices for community policing.

ASU study: Body cameras improve relationship between Tempe police officers and public

TEMPE – Police wearing body cameras can promote a good relationship between the community and police, including members of the public saying police officers treated them with respect, early results of an ongoing Arizona State University study show.