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Arizona law professors among thousands urging a ‘no’ vote on Kavanaugh

WASHINGTON - More than 2,400 law professors, including at least 22 from Arizona, had signed on to an open letter of opposition to the possible confirmation of Supreme Court Brett Kavanaugh, saying they have concerns about his temperament and partisanship after his combative committee appearance last week.

‘Bisbee ’17’ documentary recounts ‘shameful moment’ in Arizona history

More than a century ago, leaders in the Bisbee mining community forced out 1,200 mostly immigrant miners who were demanding higher wages. Director Robert Greene and producer Bennett Elliott recently discussed “Bisbee ’17,” their documentary about Bisbee residents re-enacting a point in history that still resonates today.

Gray wolf faces new challenge: National Academies of Sciences review

WASHINGTON - The long-running fight over the Mexican gray wolf moved from southeast Arizona to a Washington conference room, where a National Academies of Sciences panel will try to determine if the Mexican gray wolf just another wolf, or is it a distinct - and endangered - breed of its own?