Congressman Randall Friese (D-9) addresses the press February 22, 2017 in Phoenix, Arizona on the status of the House Bill 2436 which would help fund a memorial for the Tuscon shooting in 2011. Next to him, from left to right are Representative Kirsten Engel (D-10), Pam Simon, Representative Daniel Hernandez (D-2), Crystal Kasnoff, and Todd Clodfelter (R-10). (Photo by Devon Cordell/ Cronkite News)

Vandalism knocks Phoenix television stations off the air

PHOENIX – Several radio stations and two television stations experienced a 45-minute broadcast interruption after electrical panels for radio and TV transmitters on South Mountain were vandalized early Wednesday morning.

Appeals court upholds conviction for border drug smugglers’ lookout

WASHINGTON – A federal appeals court on Tuesday upheld the conviction of a spotter for a group of border drug smugglers, rejecting his argument that his confession was coerced and the government had not presented enough evidence for a conviction.

Election officials: If there was vote fraud, it wasn’t in Arizona

WASHINGTON – Arizona lawmakers defended themselves and the state this week against President Donald Trump’s charges that millions of fraudulent votes were cast in November, saying they had seen no evidence of illegal voters in Arizona.