Trump targets Planned Parenthood with act; little Arizona change likely

WASHINGTON – Arizona advocates said they anticipate little immediate effect on funding after President Donald Trump’s signing of a resolution Thursday that opens the door to states denying federal dollars to family planning facilities that provide abortions.

VA unveils tool to give vets clearer picture of medical care, delays

WASHINGTON – Veterans advocates said they were cautiously optimistic Wednesday about a new Department of Veteran Affairs website that aims to provide veterans better information on wait times and quality of care at the agency’s hospitals.

Trump proclamation honoring POWs pleases some, puzzles some

WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump this weekend hailed the “unyielding and devout allegiance” of American prisoners of war, less than two years after he sparked a firestorm by questioning the heroism of Sen. John McCain, R-Arizona, a Vietnam War POW.

Arizona senators go ‘nuclear’ with GOP, pave way for Gorsuch vote

WASHINGTON – Arizona’s senators joined other Republicans – and three Democrats – in a 54-45 vote Friday confirming Neil Gorsuch’s nomination to the Supreme Court, one day after the GOP invoked the “nuclear option” to end a Democratic filibuster and allow a vote.