Twenty years after ASU career ended, Tillman legacy endures

TEMPE - Twenty years ago today, Pat Tillman walked off a football field for the last time as an Arizona State football player. No one knew then that he would later become a symbol of perseverance, selflessness, bravery and, ultimately, sacrifice.

Mixed feelings on NAFTA in Mexico as talks on pact continue

QUERETARO, Mexico - While some in Mexico are pushing the benefits of the North American Free Trade Agreement. Mexican critics of the treaty say it’s time for their government to take a hard look at its shortcomings.

Trump’s rhetoric awakens new spirit, new questions in Mexico

Mexico has seen rapid growth in education levels and financial status since the signing of NAFTA, and Mexicans now want to be seen as an equal partner to the U.S., a desire only fueled by the rhetoric of the Trump administration

Mexico seeks edge with high-tech ‘Agroparks’

COLON, Queretaro, Mexico - On 700 acres of what looks like industrial park lies is could be Mexico’s farming future – Agropark, government-backed high-tech greenhouses that use high-tech methods to grow specialized products for export.

Mexicans work to reclaim corn as their own

QUERETARO, Mexico - NAFTA has battered small Mexican farmers, but plans to renegotiate the trade pact have prompted a grassroots and political push here to reclaim a trade that was once at the heart of Mexico.

Native Americans’ recovery from recession brings little advancement

WASHINGTON - A decade after the start of the recession, Native American poverty and unemployment was twice as high as the rest of the state and per capita income was less than half, margins that have barely budged since the recession started at the end of 2007.

Caught in hard-hit fields, Latinos help themselves escape recession

WASHINGTON - Arizona Hispanics were heavily represented in construction and agriculture, two industries hit hard in the recession, but that seems to have driven many Latinos to start their own businesses to get work.

Recession created ‘perfect storm’ for sharp rise in student loan debt

WASHINGTON - Arizonans came out of the recession with more than twice the student debt that they carried 10 years ago, as economic forces that came with the recession created a "perfect storm" for rising debt.

‘Unsustainable’ growth gives way to slow recovery on state jobless rate

WASHINGTON - Unemployment rates in Arizona inched down to 4.5 percent in October, falling to the lowest rate since the start of the Great Recession and capping one of the longest recoveries on record in the state.

After reeling with U.S. economy, immigrant remittances rebound

WASHINGTON - The global scale of the Great Recession was reflected in remittances, the money immigrants send to family back home, which dropped from $55 billion to $50 billion in one year.

Construction claws back from recession, ‘new normal’ still unclear

WASHINGTON - A decade after the start of the Great Recession, Arizona's hard-hit construction industry has come back, but experts are wondering how far it can go this time.

Progress on new binational drought plan in Colorado basin slow going

WASHINGTON - States, federal and Mexican officials hailed a binational agreement this fall that they said could lead to a radical shift in how the region prepares for and responds to drought.