A Fourth without fireworks: Flagstaff has been there before

Fireworks are an iconic part of the celebration of Independence day, but they are only a small part of planned events in Flagstaff

Grassroots group works to save wild horses on parched Navajo Reservation

Last month, more than one hundred horses were found dead, drowned in the thick mud surrounding a dried up watering hole on the Navajo Nation.

Reclamation commissioner to Arizona: Get a water deal done this year

Commissioner of Reclamation Brenda Burman told an audience of water stakeholders in Tempe that they weren’t trying to scare people, only make plain the risks of significant shortage on Lake Mead.

In Focus: Season 3, Episode 5 – Smart sustainability

In the final episode of season 3 of In Focus, hosts Alexandra Watts and Atlan Hassard bring you stories about new technologies that incorporate sustainability.

The Goldilocks approach: Arizona HOAs strive to balance lush grass with water conservation

Lawns and landscaping are polarizing symbols when talking about water use in the desert. Some communities are paying homeowners to rip out their grass. Others, like this Chandler HOA, are trying to save water on the green fields that residents adore | KJZZ

Feds to reconsider yellow-billed cuckoo’s threatened species status

WASHINGTON - Federal officials said they will re-evaluate the threatened species status of the western yellow-billed cuckoo, after petitions from Arizona miners, ranchers and other groups argued that the species is no different from thriving eastern populations of the bird.

Navajo, others testify for bill to expand protections for ‘downwinders’

WASHINGTON - Navajo officials and residents urged a Senate committee Wednesday to expand coverage of a fund that compensates uranium miners and "downwinders" - people who lived downwind from Cold War nuclear tests.

Study: Phoenix region among worst for air pollution, researchers recommend changes

Metro Phoenix was among the top 5 largest metro areas with the most days of smog in 2016, according to a national study by an Arizona research group.

Yuma lettuce growers work to rebuild consumer trust after E. coli outbreak in March

An E. coli outbreak sickened people in 35 states was linked to Yuma, where 90 percent of leafy greens in the U.S. are grown.

Arizona wildlife managers rely on public to help stop poaching

Nearly 100 wildlife managers travel across the state to monitor hunts, check tags and licenses and try to catch poachers.

Arizona reboots talks on drought plan while rest of Colorado River Basin watches

Arizona water officials prepare for talks regarding a drought plan for the future of the Colorado River | KJZZ

ASU partners with Valley Metro to equip buses with thermal sensors

Arizona State University partners with Valley Metro to provide buses with thermal sensors that will collect data in hopes to determine how they can impact heat reduction efforts.