Stubbornly steadfast: Mules have kept the Grand Canyon moving since the 1880s

Cars and trucks have replaced mules in most places, but the beasts of burden still reign supreme at the Grand Canyon. Every day, mules at the Grand Canyon carry supplies, souvenirs, trash and people up and down the South Rim.

Flagstaff bans recycling of plastics other than bottles, jugs and jars

Flagstaff residents have been able to recycle any type of rigid plastic with number labels one through seven. Now only numbers one and two will be accepted in curbside bins.

In Focus: Season 3, Episode 3 – Neighborhood eco-watch

In the third episode of season 3 of In Focus, hosts Alexandra Watts and Atlan Hassard bring you stories about sustainable Arizona residents who engage with their communities.

Experts: Don’t look to monsoon season for weather relief any time soon

WASHINGTON - With Arizona in the grip of a years-long drought, conditions are ripe for spawning intense wildfires and haboobs from the high winds and lightning that typically form the early part of the monsoon season that begins in two weeks.