Immigration court backlog likely to grow in face of cuts, experts say

WASHINGTON - More than 684,000 cases are waiting to be heard in immigration courts across the country - 10,422 of them in Arizona - a number that is only expected to grow if the administration cuts an immigrant legal assistance program and adds case quotas for judges, advocates said.

Border deployment may only involve 2,000 Guardsmen, no work on wall

WASHINGTON - The National Guard will send 2,000 troops to the border, half as many as originally expected, where they will serve at least through September in limited support roles - but will not work on a border wall, federal officials said Monday.

Puerto Rican retirees face uncertainty on pension cuts after Hurricane Maria

As Puerto Rico grapples with massive debts, a struggling economy and a growing exodus of residents to the mainland U.S., Puerto Rico’s Financial Oversight and Management Board, appointed by President Barack Obama in 2016, is pushing to cut government retiree pension benefit payments by an average of 10 percent.