Dominican presence in baseball remains strong thanks to trailblazer Felipe Alou

The strong Dominican presence in Major League baseball has a lot to do with Felipe Alou, who was a trailblazer from that country.

Future takes flight: Navajo youths copilot planes over the Grand Canyon

The teenage squadron of the Civil Air Patrol’s Arizona wing, named after a Navajo Code Talker, soared over the Grand Canyon in their first flights.

Federal judge rules United States must keep DACA and accept new applications

A Federal judge ruled on Tuesday, the Department of Homeland Security must continue to accept renewal and new DACA applications and have 90 days to explain why they rescinded DACA last year, otherwise, all DACA applications must be processed.

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Family struggles to care for daughter in wake of Puerto Rico power outages

A Puerto Rico couple struggles to care for Melissa Rivera, who has cerebral palsy and multiple maladies, in wake of Puerto Rico power outages.

Immigrant and women’s rights activist to be freed on bond from Eloy Detention Center

Immigrant and reproductive rights activist Alejandra Pablos was set to be released through a bond decided by an immigration judge in Eloy.

Something in the water: A high school on the border and its many successful athletes

Rio Rico High School has nine state championships in cross country and track and field since 2000 and 86 individual gold medals in state competition.

Immigration court backlog likely to grow in face of cuts, experts say

WASHINGTON - More than 684,000 cases are waiting to be heard in immigration courts across the country - 10,422 of them in Arizona - a number that is only expected to grow if the administration cuts an immigrant legal assistance program and adds case quotas for judges, advocates said.

Supreme Court voids law allowing deportation in ‘crimes of violence’

WASHINGTON - The Supreme Court on Tuesday voided a federal law allowing deportation of immigrants who commit "crimes of violence" as unconstitutionally vague, a decision hailed by Arizona immigration lawyers as a "promising step forward."

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ACLU wants Greyhound to end ‘warrantless searches’ of passengers by Customs and Border Protection agents

The ACLU sent out a letter to Greyhound addressing their warrantless searches and incidents.

Border deployment may only involve 2,000 Guardsmen, no work on wall

WASHINGTON - The National Guard will send 2,000 troops to the border, half as many as originally expected, where they will serve at least through September in limited support roles - but will not work on a border wall, federal officials said Monday.

Puerto Rican retirees face uncertainty on pension cuts after Hurricane Maria

As Puerto Rico grapples with massive debts, a struggling economy and a growing exodus of residents to the mainland U.S., Puerto Rico’s Financial Oversight and Management Board, appointed by President Barack Obama in 2016, is pushing to cut government retiree pension benefit payments by an average of 10 percent.

Arizona National Guard announces details of Operation Guardian Shield along border

The Arizona National Guard announced on Wednesday they plan to send 338 ground and air soldiers to prepare for Operation Guardian Shield and mobilize them to support the Department of Homeland Security’s mission in securing the U.S.-Mexico border.