Gov. Ducey sends 225 National Guard troops to Mexican border

Gov. Doug Ducey sent 225 National Guard troops to the border on Monday five days after President Trump’s request.

Arizona Supreme Court strikes down in-state tuition for DACA students

The Arizona Supreme Court decided on Monday that DACA recipients will no longer receive in-state tuition nearly a year after the Arizona Board of Regents announced it would continue to offer in-state tuition for DACA students.

Diamondbacks’ Salas, De La Rosa first pair of Mexican teammates since 2004

Arizona Diamondbacks relievers Fernando Salas and Jorge De La Rosa represent the franchise's first pair of Mexican teammates since 2004.

Undocumented LGBTQ protesters clash with Phoenix police at Pride parade, vow to hold own event next year

Leaders of Trans Queer Pueblo said 2018 Pride Festival organizers and Phoenix Police made it clear the group was not welcome. Next year, they’ll launch their own event.

Trump administration lifts environmental obstacles to building border wall in New Mexico

The Department of Homeland Security has expedited construction of the reinforced border wall in New Mexico by waiving 20 environmental laws.

Feeling disenfranchised by Phoenix Pride, undocumented LGBT people find their own way to celebrate

With the Phoenix Pride Festival and Parade now just one day away, organizers and members of Trans Queer Pueblo, a community organization providing political, economic, and social services to undocumented LGBT people of color, have wrapped up a week of action leading up to Sunday’s events.

Prior Guard deployments to border got lukewarm reviews by auditors

WASHINGTON - As Arizona prepare s to send 150 National Guardsmen to the border as part of President Donald Trump's plan to support border agencies, government audits of Guard deployments by previous administrations said were inefficient despite some success in slowing border crime.

Ducey sending 150 Arizona National Guard troops to border, but questions remain

Gov. Doug Ducey plans to deploy 150 National Guard members to the Mexico-U.S border.

Latino voters in Arizona could make the difference in upcoming elections

Leaders in the Latino community believe that Arizona can become a swing state if more Latinos get involved in the political process and vote.

Ducey welcomes Trump plan to send National Guard troops to border

WASHINGTON - The secretary of Homeland Security said her agency is working with border governors to send National Guard troops to the southern border as quickly as possible to support Customs and Border Protection, a move welcomed by Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey.

‘It’s time we get serious’: Local ranchers support Trump’s plan to militarize border

The White House announced President Trump’s plan to sign a proclamation deploying National Guards troops to the southern border.

Sheriffs wait to see details on Trump plan for soldiers on the border

WASHINGTON - President Donald Trump's announcement that he plans to send U.S. troops to patrol the border left southern Arizona sheriffs looking for details before committing to the "big step" that Trump said is needed until a border wall can be built.