A collection of autism resources in Arizona

Service Dogs: Kaycee is trained to start and stop licking Lynsie’s face on command to reduce Lynsie’s anxiety levels, further Kaycee’s training, and deepen their bond. (Photo by Johanna Huckeba/Cronkite News)

Equine-assisted Psychotherapy: A child or adult with a mental disability cares for a horse, such as grooming, walking and bathing the animal. Riding also can be part of such therapy. (Photo courtesy Kelley Hullihen/Hoofbeats With Heart)

Hidden Resources: Brandon Billings, 14, talks to Gavin while he sits on the couch watching cartoons. (Photo by Ben Flores/Cronkite News)

Miracle League: Brandon Murphy celebrates with his parents, Robert Murphy, left, and Kirsten Murphy, right, after scoring a home run. (Photo by Madison Alder/Cronkite News)

Adaptive Sports: Abby Sosnow sings during the seventh-inning stretch at the Dan Haren Miracle League Field in Scottsdale. (Photo by Caela Fox/Cronkite News)

PHOENIX — Workforce opportunities, scholarship aid for education, therapeutic methods, sports opportunities and more. The Cronkite News team has put together a collection of stories that highlight some of Arizona’s resources that aid the autism community.

Not Your Typical Deli
Gilbert, Arizona deli business provides opportunities for employees diagnosed with autism.

AguaSac, an Arizona business that packages drinking water from aquifers in Cave Creek into collapsible plastic bags designed to take up less space in landfills. The company employs people with diverse disabilities.

Beneficial Bean
Beneficial Beans inside the Burton Barr Central Library in Phoenix offers more than coffee. It offers adults with autism the chance to learn employment skills through an internship program.

American Indian Disability Summit
The nonprofit organization helps empower those with disabilities in the Valley. It offers outreach to rehabilitation centers, employment services and early intervention for newly disabled individuals. It also connects consumers with resources.

Arizona ranked No. 1 for the best state to live in because of how well state Medicaid programs serve those with intellectual and developmental disabilities, according to a study released by United Cerebral Palsy.

Service Dogs
Ben Flores talks with 25-year-old Lynsie Andreasky about living with autism. Lynsie was diagnosed with high-functioning autism when she was 16. Since then, she has faced many challenges, including depression and overwhelming anxiety. Lynsie shares her story of overcoming challenges thanks to a service dog named Kaycee. We learn how even the smallest dogs are trained to help reduce anxiety and facilitate social interaction.

Hidden Resources
We talk with Elizabeth Gullikson, a 30-year-old mother, and resident of Yuma about her four-year-old son, Gavin Cunningham, who has autism. Elizabeth and her family try to acquire the best help for Gavin, but it can take some serious digging to excavate the right resources.

Libraries Offer Autism Resources
The state grant will fund programs including centers for entrepreneurs, mobile book bundles for seniors, a Lego imaginarium, robotics parts lending library and homework help.

Check this out: Libraries offer autism resources, robotics parts

Equine therapy
Equine therapy programs are growing in Arizona and across the country, with about 62,000 people attending such centers in the U.S. in 2015. The programs are geared for children and adults with physical and mental disabilities, veterans and the elderly.

Growing at a gallop: Equine therapy connects horses, children with disabilities

Miracle League
The Miracle League of Arizona ballpark in Scottsdale is a perfect miniature, carefully pieced together to fit the needs of its unique players: children and adults with disabilities.

Miracle League offers kids and adults with disabilities a special sanctuary

Adaptive Sports Options
Mesa-based Arizona Disabled Sports provides sports and recreation opportunities, and Scottsdale’s Miracle League of Arizona offers baseball experiences for those with disabilities or special healthcare needs.

Valley offers adaptive sports options for disabled community

RNC Border Pool
RNC opens, border poll and swimming with autism.