Feds approve 25-year extension for mining, burning coal at Navajo plant

WASHINGTON - Federal officials Friday approved a multiyear deal to allow expanded mining of coal on Navajo lands and continued burning of it at the nearby Four Corners Power Plant, along with other measures.

pollution settlement

Dodging an Army bullet: State gets only a fraction of service’s 40,000 job cuts

WASHINGTON - Arizona may have averted disaster in the Army's plan to trim 40,000 jobs, but the announcement that Fort Huachuca will lose 114 positions over the next two years still is "not welcomed news," officials said this week.

Navajo reject House bill that would divide former Fort Wingate land with Zuni

Editors Note: A previous version of this story incorrectly characterized part of the 2013 negotiations that led to the plan to divide Fort Wingate between the Navajo and Zuni. Tribal representatives at that 2013 meeting said only that the plan would be taken back to their respective councils for review while work drafting a bill proceeded, according to a document from that meeting. The story below has been revised to reflect the correct information. Clients who used this story are asked to run the correction that can be found here.

When keeping secrets is your job, getting help is a problem for some veterans

WASHINGTON - Sgt. Daniel Somers' work in Iraq was classified, so when he returned from the war and sought treatment for traumatic brain injury and post-traumatic stress disorder he balked at a care in a group setting.

Reaction to proposed Iran deal is swift, and split, from Arizona lawmakers

WASHINGTON - It took more than 20 months of negotiations to reach agreement on an Iranian nuclear deal, but it took mere hours for Arizona lawmakers to respond to the plan, with support falling along party lines.

Skipping in her sister’s footsteps: Girl’s recipe earns White House invite

WASHINGTON - Some people are excited to attend a White House state dinner. Most would be thrilled to see their signature dish on the menu. Not everyone tops off the day by skipping through the White House kitchen garden.

Arizona youth among 1,000 at first White House Tribal Youth Gathering

WASHINGTON - Brooke Overturf of Window Rock was momentarily flustered as she stood holding hands Thursday with Michelle Obama, while hundreds of other Native American youth crowded around, hoping for a handshake.

House OKs bill aimed at curbing wildfires; critics call it ‘bad for forests’

WASHINGTON - The House voted 262-167 Thursday for a bill that supporters said will reduce wildfires by streamlining the process for managing federal forests before and after outbreaks.

Court sides with Native American groups fighting Washington team’s ‘racist’ name

WASHINGTON - A "very happy" Amanda Blackhorse welcomed the latest victory Wednesday in her long-running feud over the Washington Redskins name, which the Navajo woman says is racist and should not have government trademark protection.

washington redskins helmet

Governor, general: Brnovich wears two hats as acting governor for a day

WASHINGTON - As governor, Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich would declare every day Grateful Dead Day and take down SkyNet, the self-aware computer network that menaces mankind in the "Terminator" movies.

Report: School achievement gaps show need for ‘No Child’ overhaul

WASHINGTON - Schools across the country have made "remarkable progress" toward closing achievement gaps between different groups of students, but "troubling achievement gaps" remain for the lowest-performing schools, administration officials said Monday.