Feds begin environmental review of proposed Resolution Copper mine

WASHINGTON - The U.S. Forest Service has started its formal review of the environmental impact of the proposed Resolution Copper mine, but opponents charge the outcome of the process is "already pre-ordained."

Local nonprofit raising money to build clean water system in Cambodia

Most Americans take clean drinking water for granted.

Phoenix seeks to curb water waste with participation in “Fix a Leak Week”

The Phoenix Water Services Department wants you to fix that leaky toilet - and to share your work with the world.

VIDEO: Water restrictions, overseeding challenge AZ course owners to keep golf green

The hot Arizona climate has an immediate impact on how local golf courses care for the land. The choice to overseed the course and Arizona water restrictions impact the golf business around the Valley, especially when tourism booms in the winter months.

Acuna cactus stays on endangered list, Southwestern willow flycatcher faces review

WASHINGTON - Federal officials Tuesday rejected a request to remove the acuna cactus from the endangered species list, but said they will give further consideration to a petition to delist the Southwestern willow flycatcher.

Tourists take state park rocks despite warnings

APACHE JUNCTION - Arizona law prohibits visitors from taking vegetation and rocks from state parks to preserve nature for other visitors and future generations.

Oak Flat designation a win for mine opponents, but fight may continue

WASHINGTON - Opponents of a proposed copper mine at the Oak Flat campground scored a point when it was listed on the National Register of Historic Places this month - but while they won the battle, they haven't won the war.

Phoenix startup employs diverse workers with disabilities

Water rushes out of a spout in a small factory in north Phoenix as Andrew Lascurain holds a square plastic bags up to the nozzle.

Arizona’s top tree climbers compete for state championship

SUPERIOR — The state’s top tree climbers know that most people probably have a few misconceptions about their sport.

Homeless shelter funds dwindling as summer heat looms

A Maricopa County grant is keeping overnight shelter services available to the homeless, but the grant is expected to run out around June 30 as summer temperature burn hotter.

Lawmakers challenge proposal to have Oak Flat listed as historic site

WASHINGTON - Supporters of a copper mine proposed for Oak Flat have been given until Friday to make the case that the area, deemed sacred by the San Carlos Apache, should not be designated a historic site.

McCafé brews up a new plan to reduce waste

Arizona McDonald’s are working with school children to turn used coffee grounds into compost for community gardens.