Scientists scramble to find remnants of meteor

PHOENIX — Valley residents were treated to a light show early Thursday morning as a celestial object flashed across the sky. A meteor glowed brightly as it vaporized in the atmosphere.

meteor over phoenixe

I saw it on Facebook: Posts alert neighbors to crime, community help

MARICOPA — When Trisha Johnson spotted a Mitsubishi lurching along the dusty road in front of her house, her fingers flew over the keyboard of her smartphone. Within seconds, she posted an alert on Facebook to neighbors in her rural community.

With Lake Mead water levels down, water conservation needed

SAN TAN VALLEY – The Arizona drought is affecting businesses and homeowners, who are urged to take measures to save water.

dry golf course shut down to save money on water

‘Gorilla-Snot’ solution a potential ‘long-term’ fix for I-10 dust problem

SCOTTSDALE -- Silly name. Serious solution. That’s what local Arizona company Soilworks calls its Gorilla-Snot fix to the blowing dust that resulted in a 62-mile stretch of Interstate 10 being closed multiple times during the past several weeks.

Arizona officials call for tightened limits on Lake Mead water use

WASHINGTON - Arizona officials said Tuesday it is time to end the "gentleman's agreement" currently governing states' use of water from Lake Mead and instead put tougher restrictions into law.

State faces typical wildfire season; West Coast could have harsh year

WASHINGTON - Arizona is expected to have a normal wildfire season this summer after several years in which the state saw relatively little fire activity, state and federal officials said Tuesday.

Firefighter and blaze

Global warming, pesticides lead to decline in monarch butterfly population

SCOTTSDALE – A large orange and black butterfly glides through a flurry of multicolored wings to land on a bright pink flower. Soft music and a light mist fill the warm air in Butterfly Wonderland.

Environmental prosecutions have fallen under Obama administration

WASHINGTON - Environmental prosecutions have fallen sharply under the Obama administration, a change the Environmental Protection Agency attributes to shift to focus on bigger, high-impact investigations.

Downtown Phoenix development highlights need for walkable streets

PHOENIX - Downtown Phoenix streets, once scattered with vacant lots and modest housing, are now abuzz with the ceaseless sounds of cranes, backhoes and tractors.

picture of skyline

New book tells tragic tale of Granite Mountain Hotshots who died in Arizona wildfire

PHOENIX – On June 30, 2013, members of the Granite Mountain Hotshots worked to protect the small town of Yarnell, Ariz. from an approaching wildfire. Only one of the crew’s 20 firefighters survived. The tragedy of the Yarnell Hill Fire captivated grieving audiences and Fernanda Santos, Phoenix bureau chief for The New York Times. In her book, The Fire Line, Santos tells the story of how 19 men lived and died.

Community gardens cultivate life outside jail cells

PHOENIX – TigerMountain Foundation is trying to lower the recidivism rate in south Phoenix by cultivating community gardens.

Yuma farmers grow more with less water during drought

YUMA - As Arizona copes with a 15-year drought, farmers in Yuma are learning to do more with less and leading the way in water conservation.