Tiny terrors: Mosquitoes in Arizona and how to avoid them

PHOENIX – Several kinds of mosquito live in Arizona. Some can be dangerous, transmitting diseases like the West Nile virus. Some are just annoying. We show you how to stop them.

Childhelp center places help for abused children under one roof

PHOENIX – Police, prosecutors, mental-health counselors and medical-services employees work together to help abused children at the Childhelp Children’s Center in Phoenix.

Kings, queens and inbetweens: Diversity in Phoenix’s drag scene

PHOENIX – Diverse drag performers are challenging norms in Phoenix’s nightlife. Drag kings, assigned female-at-birth queens, alternative performers and people of color are taking stages across the Valley.

Cruise ships to launch in December, even though port at Rocky Point isn’t ready

PUERTO PEÑASCO, Mexico – The first cruise ship to ply the Sea of Cortez will launch in December, using small tender boats to ferry passengers to and from land while work continues on port facilities.

Phoenix launches downtown ‘giving meters’ to help fight homelessness

PHOENIX – Phoenix has designated four downtown parking meters decorated by local artists to accept donations for PHX C.A.R.E.S. to help fight homelessness.

Advocates decry Trump administration plan to rein in food stamp access

WASHINGTON - Arizona is one of the 43 states that could be affected by a USDA proposal to tighten restrictions on access to food stamps for those receiving other financial assistance, saving billions of dollars while affecting as many as 3.1 million people nationwide.

50 years later, Arizona still plays a big role in exploring the universe

PHOENIX – Arizona helped put men on the moon, and the state’s institutions continue to make strides in mapping the cosmos.

21st-century druids: No animal sacrifices, but connected to community, history

PHOENIX – Mark Bailey is a 21st century druid, a member of Arizona’s Grove of the Rising Phoenix. He doesn’t sacrifice animals or worship nature, and he has nuanced beliefs about an afterlife. Druids are steeped in more than two millennia of Indo-European history.

‘One small step’ was a breakthrough in radio communications

PHOENIX – The radio transponders used on the Apollo 11 moon mission were developed by a division of Motorola in Scottsdale, which had never tested them in space.

Discipline and sacrifice: Taekwondo studio leads its students to better lives

CHANDLER – At the storefront NB Taekwondo & Fitness Center in Chandler, students of all ages stream through the door, looking to improve their coordination, burn off energy or get in shape. Johnny Nguyen hopes they will walk out with changed lives.

Ant antibiotics: Could ASU research lead to human applications?

PHOENIX – A recent Arizona State University study has shed new light on antibiotics produced by ants, and the lead author said he believes the work could have human applications.

Burning questions: How to deal with 157-degree dashboards, dead batteries and blowouts

PHOENIX – From draining batteries to tire blowouts, the intense heat of the Arizona sun damages cars.