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House censures defiant Gosar for violent video, strips committee posts

WASHINGTON - The House censured Rep. Paul Gosar, R-Prescott, and stripped him of his committee assignments over a violent cartoon he posted that appeared to show him killing a Democratic member and threatening the president.

Same report, different take for state lawmakers eyeing Mueller report

PHOENIX - Arizona lawmakers looked at the same 448-page Mueller report and saw two different things, with two very different reactions, depending on which side of the aisle they are on. If there was a common thread, it was that nobody's mind appeared to be changed by the report.

Tribally owned solar power plant beats skeptics, odds on Navajo Reservation

WASHINGTON - When the Kayenta Solar Project went online last year, the 27.3-megawatt plant became the largest tribally owned renewable power plant in the country, generating enough power for 18,000 homes on Navajo lands. But many thought the day might never come.

Arizonans got 78.3 million robocalls in June, part of a boom nationwide

WASHINGTON = Robocalls skyrocketed for every area code in Arizona in the first half of this year, reaching 78.3 million calls in June alone, according to a new report that said the state mirrored a national spike, where robocalls totaled 4.1 billion for June.

Tucson mom joins other parents pressing EPA for ban on toxic chemical

WASHINGTON - Tucson mom Linda Robles joined other parents in Washington to demand that the Environmental Protection Agency ban TCE, the chemical she blames for the death of one daughter and the birth defects of her other children.

Immigration, border agencies defend handling of family separations

WASHINGTON - Immigration officials defended the integrity of their agencies' handling of family separations at the border, with one witness telling a Senate panel Tuesday that Border Patrol agents don't leave their "humanity behind when we report for duty."

Gosar, Biggs join handful of Republicans filing to impeach Rosenstein

WASHINGTON - Two Arizona lawmakers were among the handful of Republicans who called for the impeachment against Rod Rosenstein, the deputy attorney general overseeing the Justice Department probe of possible Russian election meddling.

Border Patrol official says Guard deployment has had ‘tremendous value’

WASHINGTON - The chief of the U.S. Border Patrol's Tucson sector told a lawmakers that the deployment of more than 600 National Guard troops to Arizona's border has had "tremendous value" for border agents, but critics said the troops are being "misspent on political show."

Mesa firm gets front-row seat at White House ‘Made in America’ showcase

WASHINGTON - Andrew Medway wasn't sure how his Mesa business, Lanternland Lighting, was picked to represent Arizona at the White House's "Made in America Showcase," but he was still excited to be there Monday among companies that made everything from spacecraft to MoonPies.

As Trump continues to explain Putin remarks, lawmakers continue to feud

WASHINGTON - A day after President Donald Trump walked back his statements on Russian meddling in U.S. elections, the issue still simmered Wednesday in Washington where some lawmakers said the president cannot make up for his "ridiculous" original statement.

No earmarks? No problem. Pork-barrel spending still rising, report says

WASHINGTON - Pork-barrel spending more than doubled over the past year, with the federal government allocating $14.7 billion to fund 232 earmarks, what one lawmaker called the "gateway drug" for politicians to higher spending.

Arizona rancher says ‘dysfunctional’ rules hurt environment, ranchers

The president of the Arizona Farm Bureau told a House panel Thursday that regulations meant to help the environment are actually doing the opposite, in part by harming ranchers who are in the best position to help.