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Virtual reality arcades entertain with immersive games

…played on a personal computer before. (Photo by Daria Kadovik/Cronkite News) Lighthouse sensors allow players to walk, twist, turn and duck to avoid obstacles and move within a limited space….

From miles away, a doctor can see a stroke victim – and save a life

…traffic conditions and the time of the day. (Photo by Daria Kadovik/Cronkite News) field_5541e5c207781 1 field_551a8d3dfdf43 Daria Kadovik field_552efb5f58174 Cronkite News field_552d2455bcc7e field_552d2439bcc7d field_5524e553559e2 field_5524d7624e7bb 5 87475 no yes…

Arizona falconry takes flight in efforts to promote conservation

…release improvised prey. (Photo by Daria Kadovik/Cronkite News) Before the hunt, Joseph Pravongviengkham, 21, and his falcon, Sully, scan the field for quail. (Photo by Daria Kadovik/Cronkite News) Charlie Kaiser,…