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‘Weird’ or not, Phoenix Rising players rely on pregame routine, superstitions

PHOENIX – Whether it’s eating the same food before every match, or following a strict game-day routine, athletes like Phoenix Rising FC defender Eddie Munjoma benefit from a structured plan. Sports psychologists even believe that superstitions can play an important role in improving performance.

Players from the Phoenix Rising celebrating.

No sweat: Phoenix Rising tackle ‘massive challenge’ playing through excessive heat

PHOENIX – Amidst a record-breaking summer in Phoenix, the Phoenix Rising FC aims to preserve player safety and athletic performance as the team battles through the excessive heat.

Phoenix Rising FC's strategic scheduling of evening home games provides players like Darnell King with a cooler playing surface and better conditions on the pitch. (Photo courtesy of Phoenix Rising)

Baseball has huge on- and off-the-field impact in the Dominican Republic

SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic - Dominicans make up 11% of Major League Baseball rosters, many a product of this baseball-mad country's youth system, where children as young as 7 train in hopes of one day playing in the U.S. and lifting themselves and their families out of poverty.

Las nuevas opciones de protector solar ofrecen un rayo de esperanza para las personas de color

LOS ÁNGELES – A medida que aumentan las temperaturas en Arizona y California, más amantes del sol buscan protector solar. Y finalmente, los empresarios se han dado cuenta de lo obvio: la necesidad de atender a personas con diferentes tonos de piel. Esto es lo que están haciendo.

Undefined Beauty fabrica R&R Sun Serum, con el objetivo de atraer a personas con una amplia gama de tonos de piel. El director general dice que también hay diversas ilustraciones en el empaque. (Foto de Karina Romero/Cronkite Noticias)

Phoenix vuelve a estar entre las ciudades más contaminadas en el informe Estado del Aire

PHOENIX – Según el informe más reciente del Estado del Aire de la Asociación Americana del Pulmón, el área metropolitana de Fénix ha sido clasificada como la quinta ciudad más contaminada por el ozono en los Estados Unidos. El informe enfatizó que las personas de color son especialmente afectadas por la contaminación del aire y los problemas de salud relacionados.

​​El área metropolitana de Phoenix ha sido clasificada como la quinta ciudad más contaminada por el ozono en los Estados Unidos, según el informe más reciente del Estado del Aire de la Asociación Americana del Pulmón. (Fotografía de archivo por Kasey Brammell/Cronktie Noticias)

Phoenix Rising sets franchise attendance record in first game at new stadium

Phoenix Rising set its franchise record for attendance when more than 10,400 fans attended the team’s first game in its new stadium at 38th Street and Washington. Rising battled to a 2-2 draw with San Diego Loyal in the game.

On the move throughout the Valley in recent seasons, Phoenix Rising attracted over 10,000 fans in the club's first game at their new stadium. (Photos courtesy of Phoenix Rising FC)

Milwaukee Brewers, off to 2-1 start, excited about pitching staff

PHOENIX – 2021 Cy Young award winner Corbin Burnes earned the Opening Day starter spot for the Brew Crew as Milwaukee banks on pitching strength for the 2023 season.

Two-time All-Star and 2021 National League Cy Young Award winner Corbin Burnes is part of a hungry Milwaukee Brewers rotation that eyes the playoffs in 2023. (Photo by Robert Crompton/Cronkite News)

Phoenix Rising coach Juan Guerra plans to take advantage of academy in future

PHOENIX – The Phoenix Rising signed the franchise’s first-ever academy player to the first team in 2021, but Niall Dunn is one of few players to earn a promotion since the academy opened in 2021. Coach Juan Guerra has plans to change that.

Juan Guerra, who took over as Phoenix Rising head coach in August, plans to return the franchise to prominence in 2023, while planning for the future by incorporating talent from the team's youth academy. (Photo courtesy of Phoenix Rising FC Twitter)

Filipinos in LA look to a gateway as their ‘guiding star’ to salvage a neglected history

LOS ANGELES – Historic Filipinotown, or HiFi, is supposed to be the center of the Filipino community in Los Angeles, but it lacks key identifying factors that many cultural communities have in their respective districts. The strides to make this a reality have been slow, but community members have been working to make the Filipino community’s presence known.

Los Angeles' Historic Filipinotown was given a grand gateway to a community that Filipino Americans say has been overlooked, as seen in this photo taken Nov. 17, 2022 (Photo by Emeril Gordon/Cronkite News)

Home away from home: Phoenix Rising set for next move near Sky Harbor

PHOENIX – After the Phoenix City Council approved a new lease last Wednesday, the Rising will relocate for the third time since 2017 ahead of the 2023 USL regular season.

Phoenix Rising FC tends to draw a passionate fan base wherever it plays. The club is leaving its home at Wild Horse Pass for a new facility near Sky Harbor Airport. (Photo by Rudy Aguado/Cronkite News)

Hockey on horseback: Inside Shane Doan’s upcoming polo debut and training regimen

SCOTTSDALE – Shane Doan, former NHL Coyotes player for over 15 years, is preparing for a polo match Saturday. He is training this month to be ready for the match.

Former longtime Arizona Coyotes captain Shane Doan (right) prepares for his upcoming debut at the 11th Annual Bentley Scottsdale Polo Championships. (Photo by Marlee Zanna Thompson/Cronkite News)

Phoenix Rising coach Juan Guerra goes back to the basics after first USL postseason miss since 2016

CHANDLER – After missing the postseason for the first time since 2016, the Phoenix Rising finished a disappointing season with a win. Here’s a look back at what went wrong in 2022 and a preview of the 2023 season.