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‘Everyone can see themselves in Barbie’: Iconic doll better reflects global diversity

PHOENIX – Mattel, like many companies adapting to a multicultural world, has been working to diversify the shape, races, ethnicities and occupation of Barbies.

As fentanyl overdoses rise, cartels are eager to funnel more of it through Arizona

Federal and state authorities continue to battle Mexican drug cartels as the opioid epidemic is fueled by the lethal synthetic opioid fentanyl.

Realtor group files petitions to bar Arizona from ever imposing a tax on services

Although Arizona does not tax personal services, such as car repairs and child care, an Arizona Realtors group on Tuesday filed petitions bearing more than 400,000 signatures, hoping to get a measure on the November ballot that would bar the state from ever imposing such a tax.

ASU partners with Valley Metro to equip buses with thermal sensors

Arizona State University partners with Valley Metro to provide buses with thermal sensors that will collect data in hopes to determine how they can impact heat reduction efforts.

Experts warn swimmers to beware of water-borne parasites and bacteria

Summer heat attracts swimmers to hotels and public pools but a report from the Centers for Disease Control says cases of crypto virus and other bacteria rise as more people dive into their vacations.