Leaving tracks: Adrenaline-fueled count shows scant growth in Mexican gray wolf population

The latest Mexican gray wolf survey shows an increase of just one wolf in the past year, bringing the number to 114.

Gallego, Latino community promotes Clean Power Plan

Congressman Ruben Gallego opposed the Trump administration's proposed repeal of the Clean Power Plan, touting its importance at a round table conference organized by National Council of La Raza Action Fund.

Arizona falconry takes flight in efforts to promote conservation

A three-day Arizona Falconers Association Desert Hawking Classic showcased falconers - people who train birds of prey to hunt for sport.

Advocacy groups pressure state to ban bee-killing pesticides

One local consumer group is calling for state officials to ban private sales of bee-killing pesticides

Advocacy group warns public about ‘regressive’ policies on environment, solar industry

Members of a nonprofit environmental advocacy group on Thursday urged the public to pay attention to governmental policies they call "regressive."

Witnesses say environmental rules hinder Border Patrol agent access

WASHINGTON - Nogales rancher Dan Bell told lawmakers that the best way to help the border environment might be by removing environmental regulations that hinder access by Border Patrol agents.

A recycling deep dive: Golf balls that land in water hazards often find new life

Divers are responsible for the recovery of millions of golf balls from lakes each year. They are recycled and then resold.

Arizona farmers, pressured by grinding drought and urban sprawl, look for ways to save water

Faced with water shortages and economic pressures, farmers are trying to efficiently water their crops.

Arizona residents: What are your thoughts on sustainability?

Sustainability affects everyone, and everyone plays a role in it as individuals. Cronkite News wants to know what sustainability means to you.

Endangered fish have re-emerged in the Santa Cruz River, but will they last?

Experts warn that raw sewage still threatens to contaminate the river's water and its wildlife.

Tempe group turns old ASU vinyl banners into tote bags

ASU's Zero Waste department partnered with the Centers for Habilitation to turn non-degradable plastic banners into tote bags.

200 protesters march at Arizona Capitol to oppose shutdown of Navajo Generating Station

A march took place Tuesday to protest shutting down the Navajo Generating Station.