Camila Pedrosa
Camila Pedrosa kuh-mill-uh ped-row-suh (she/her/hers)
News Reporter, Washington, D.C.

Camila Pedrosa expects to graduate in spring 2024 with a bachelor’s degree in journalism and a minor in digital audiences. Pedrosa, who has reported for State Press Magazine and ASU Thrive, is working for the D.C. new bureau.

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Ducey defends use of school funding in face of feds’ threat to reclaim it

WASHINGTON - Gov. Doug Ducey said Thursday that the state's use of money to support schools that reject mask mandates is "well within" federal guidelines for the funds, despite a Treasury threat to take the money back.

Arizona again ranks low on highway safety laws; state officials push back

WASHINGTON - Arizona once again ranked near the bottom of states on a national report on highway safety laws, earning a "danger" rating for having just five of 16 recommended laws, but one official said the report continues to ignore key data on traffic safety in the state.

Vicious circle: Tribal broadband program hindered by lack of broadband

WASHINGTON - Tribal advocates told a Senate panel this week that a program to expand broadband in Indian Country overlooked one thing: Many tribes did not have the broadband access needed to apply for funds that would let them improve broadband access.