Why hasn’t telemedicine taken off in Arizona? Experts say most doctors don’t get paid

Modern medicine is constantly evolving – but sometimes, it develops too fast. Experts said state laws have hindered telemedicine, a technology that could be utilized to provide health care throughout Arizona.

Arizona leads the country in flu activity

Arizona has more than 5,000 reported cases of the flu, and Walgreens has ranked the state number one in flu activity for the past three weeks.

Phoenix plans to go green by making neighborhoods happier and healthier

Phoenix leaders want to make neighborhoods happier and healthier under a proposal to create a more environmentally conscious city -- but they want to hear from residents first.

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Study: Young adults could be screened for colon cancer

Kim Newcomer knew something was wrong.

A proposed bill asks for aid in research of PANDAS autoimmune disorder

The proposed bill HB2640 asks Arizona to grant 1 million dollars this fiscal year to the Department of Health Services to aid in the research, treatment and diagnosis of the autoimmune disorder, PANS and PANDAS.


Bill to restore health insurance for Arizona children moving forward in legislature

A bill that would restore health insurance for thousands of Arizona children is moving forward in the legislature. Nancy Robles is a part-time secretary and single mother who does not have health insurance for her 10-year old son and hopes the bill will pass.

VA struggles to fill medical center positions in Arizona, across nation

WASHINGTON - Veterans Affairs Secretary Robert McDonald told lawmakers Wednesday that his agency is having trouble filling vacancies at VA medical centers around the country, which has led to "critical staffing problems" at the facilities.

Yuma saw nation’s biggest surge as Obamacare enrollment wound down

WASHINGTON - Yuma residents posted the highest enrollment gains in the country as open enrollment for Obamacare ended, surging 21 percent in the last week alone, government officials said Thursday.

Turf Paradise remains under quarantine after horse virus outbreak at New Mexico racetrack

Horses at Turf Paradise racing facility remain under quarantine after a highly contagious equine virus led officials to euthanize an infected horse brought in from New Mexico, according to Turf Paradise officials.

White House adds $1.1 billion in 2017 budget for opioid, heroin abuse

WASHINGTON - The White House said Tuesday that it will include an additional $1.1 billion in its fiscal 2017 budget request to help states battle prescription opioid abuse and heroin use.

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Say no to those fast-fix diets of 2016

You’ve tried the quick-fix diets for fast weight loss, whether it’s for an upcoming family wedding, vacation, or a New Year’s resolution.

Travelers concerns over Zika virus grow

Travelers at Sky Harbor Airport planning trips to countries where the Zika virus has been reported are worried about the growing number of cases.