Nogales sees huge turnout, voters cite economy and immigration issues

NOGALES, Ariz. – The so-called Latino sleeping giant awoke in Nogales, a U.S. border town where voters said the stakes are unusually high.

Sun Devil Fitness Complex first ever polling place on ASU campus

TEMPE - For the first time, Arizona State University had its own polling place. The Sun Devil Fitness Complex became a polling place for the constituents in the area.

Arizonans approve ballot measure to raise minimum wage

PHOENIX – Supporters of Proposition 206, the measure to raise the minimum wage, gathered alongside a crowd of about 300 gathered at the Renaissance Phoenix Downtown Hotel on Tuesday night and cheered as early election results appeared on the screen.

Arizona’s Election Day a mix of high turnout, enthusiasm and frustrating problems

Arizona's Election Day was a mix of computer problems, long lines, frustration and enthusiasm as state races and a divisive presidential campaign drew high numbers of voters to the polls.

Arizona polls closing but several locations still have long lines

7 p.m. update: Arizona polls officially closed at 7 p.m., but long lines persist throughout the state. In the Valley, voters have reported a 3-hour wait at the Maryvale Church of the Nazarene, and a 90-minute wait at Quentin Elementary School in Avondale. Near the border, wait time exceeds 2 hours at St. Andrews Catholic Church in Sierra Vista; the line lasts an hour at the Yuma Civic Center; and 300 people remain in line at the Douglas Visitor Center.

What Arizonans are searching for on Election Day

Cronkite News is monitoring the experiences of Arizona voters through our own reporting, through social media and through Google search behavior.

Interactive map: Photos from Arizona polling locations

Cronkite News reporters are monitoring polling locations across Arizona. Click on each pin to see photos and updates throughout the day.

Election Day in Arizona: Live coverage

There is a lot at stake for Arizona on this Election Day. Voters are casting ballots in races for president, the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House of Representatives, as well as for county and local positions. Voters will also make choices about legalizing recreational marijuana in the state and raising the minimum wage.

Arizonans reluctant to open wallets for Trump, Clinton campaigns

WASHINGTON - Arizonans head to the polls Tuesday to cast actual ballots for president, but if they were voting with their pocketbooks the results wouldn't be pretty for either of the major parties' nominees.

Election Day FAQ: Answers to Arizona’s questions about voting

In the run up to Election Day, Cronkite News asked Arizonans to share their thoughts and concerns about the voting process. We turned to our reporters, as well as county and state officials, to answer some of the questions you raised about casting your ballot.

People vote at voting booths

Arizona vigil addresses fears of Latino voter suppression in 2016 election

PHOENIX — Elvira Guadarrama colored a sign while sitting on a folding chair near the Maricopa County Elections Department.

Millennial turnout on Election Day still in question

PHOENIX - For the first time during an election cycle, the millennial generation surpassed the baby boomers as the largest population of potential voters. Yet as Arizona set a record for early voting this month, millennials accounted for just 11 percent of ballots cast.