Sun Devil Fitness Complex first ever polling place on ASU campus

TEMPE – For the first time, Arizona State University had its own polling place. The Sun Devil Fitness Complex became a polling place for the constituents in the area.

Many students were expecting a long wait, but were surprised when there was little to no line.
Angela Johnson, a junior at ASU said, “I heard about the long lines at the primaries, but I didn’t have to wait long.”

Johnson explained that she felt that the process could have been more organized.

“Some of the volunteers didn’t seem like they knew the system that well.”

Sophomore Ahjahana Amacker didn’t even know that ASU was going to have a polling place.

“I thought I was going to have to go downtown,” she said.

She found out about the ability to vote at the Sun Devil Fitness Complex by one of the volunteers. Amacker said that the volunteer came up to her with a pamphlet and told her about it.

“I was going to Google where I was supposed to go, I just hadn’t yet,” she said.

Johnson said she knows a lot of people who weren’t planning on voting until they found out they could vote on campus.

“We weren’t going to go out of our way, this election has been frustrating … I didn’t see the point,” she said.

The Sun Devil Fitness Complex was announced as a polling place in late August. Knights of Pythias Lodge was the location of the polling place in previous elections. The lodge is a mile and a half away from the farthest student housing, while the Sun Devil Fitness Complex is around half a mile.

“It’s more convenient,” Johnson said. “I’ve seen a lot of people going in all day.”