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Nicaraguans seek refuge in Panama, cementing the country’s status as migrant destination

PANAMA CITY, Panama – Nicaraguans fleeing political and economic conditions in their country are moving south to Panama, against the normal tide of immigration in the hemisphere.

After days of rage, Arizonans speak of their frustrations, fears and hope

Cronkite News spoke with several Arizonans protesting the deaths of black people at the hands of police, including a college activist who encourages credible activism, an interior designer who wants others to realize what African Americans need, and a business owner worried about looting but hopes the protests will bring real change.

Kitchen-inspection reports for day cares and schools are available – if you look

PHOENIX – Maricopa County restaurant inspectors include day care services and school kitchens in their assessments, but schools are not required to notify parents of violations

Mothers and supporters of breastfeeding gather at Capitol for Nationwide Nurse-In

PHOENIX – About 20 people showed up to the Nationwide Nurse-In at the state Capitol to show their support for breastfeeding protections.

Migrant medical costs, Arcosanti experiment and day care inspections

PHOENIX – In Tuesday’s 5 p.m. broadcast, viewers decided which interviews they wanted to see on air. But we’re offering all the content here: the full stories, the in-depth interviews and the community comments.

Logging by copter: Millions spent to thin forest on steep slopes of Mount Elden

FLAGSTAFF - Flagstaff and federal officials are using a helicopter to thin the forest on Mount Elden to reduce the risk of wildfires and protect the city’s watershed.

‘In God We Trust’ license plates spark funding furor

PHOENIX – The specialty license plate “In God We Trust” has come under fire because Alliance Defending Freedom, the group behind the plate, is designated as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center for its anti-LGBTQ views.

Strapped for workers, employers wait – and wait – on H-2B visa program

With unemployment near record lows, businesses are having trouble finding American workers to take jobs, and a guest-worker visa program that would let them bring on temporary foreign workers is costly, complex and capped tens of thousands of jobs below demand.

Supreme Court ruling on travel ban stuns Muslim community

A Somali immigrant says the ban is personal because relatives are still trapped in the country. Rep. Paul Gosar said the ban keeps America’s borders safe. VERTICAL: Borderlands

Yuma lettuce growers work to rebuild consumer trust after E. coli outbreak in March

An E. coli outbreak sickened people in 35 states was linked to Yuma, where 90 percent of leafy greens in the U.S. are grown.

Monsoon season is here: What to do when the weather turns dangerous

Monsoon storms create extreme weather conditions including dust storms/Haboobs, thunderstorms, flash flooding and increased fire danger. Navigate the season with tips from experts.

As heat bears down, nonprofits help to hydrate those in need

Valley nonprofits are using their resources to help those in need bear the scorching conditions.