Migrant medical costs, Arcosanti experiment and day care inspections

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When asylum-seeking migrants arrive in the U.S. and need medical care, who provides and pays for it? Reporter Marcella Baietto interviews volunteers who help treat immigrant families in Tucson and speaks to representatives from U.S. Customs and Border Protection who explain their role in the process.


Italian architect Paolo Soleri started Arcosanti nearly 50 years ago in Arizona’s central desert as an experimental community focused on sustainable living. It was meant to grow to accommodate thousands of people but today, 70 residents call this solar powered community, home. Reporter Bayne Froney looks at how Arcosanti has changed over the years and the lessons learned.


Maricopa County health inspectors don’t just check restaurants for code violations, they also check day care and school kitchens. Reporter Nicole Hernandez analyzed data from 2013-2018 to find which educational facilities had health code violations.