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Board of Education declines changes to sex education policy

PHOENIX – No further changes will be made to Arizona’s sex education classes, the Board of Education decided Monday.

‘Rock crispy treat’: Mesa students design storm-drain grate that blocks trash

MESA – Using gravel and epoxy, two Red Mountain High School seniors have come up with storm-drain grate that traps trash but lets the water flow through easily.

The storm grate is tested by Kuehne and Scally in a demonstration in Mesa.

Produce rescue: Nogales group feeds vulnerable communities as it fights food waste

TEMPE – A nonprofit organization in Nogales assists elderly, low-income, undocumented and disabled people in Arizona by giving them affordable fruits and vegetables.

Eagle eyes: Nest watchers safeguard the next generation of Arizona bald eagles

Nest watchers collect data that helps scientists understand how the eagles interact with the environment, alert biologists to birds in distress and keep people, paragliders and, more recently, drones, away from sensitive nest sites.

Arizona activists raise funds for Dakota Access Pipeline protesters

SCOTTSDALE - According to the Navajo teachings Sam Anderson learned as a child, water is sacred.