Sewage is the real border crisis for many towns and cities

NOGALES – A failing, aging network of pipes and wastewater treatment plants that run from Mexico into U.S. cities is causing public health and environmental concerns for California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas.

Peru holds out some hope for Venezuelan migrants with HIV

As access to medication dwindles, Venezuelans with HIV flee to Peru in search of life-saving resources.

Schools in Peru are under added pressure from wave of Venezuelan migrants

Although overwhelmed and short of money, educators in Peru are scrambling to accommodate an influx of Venezuelan school children.

Venezuelans in Peru worry that media’s focus on crime spurs lies, hatred

As Peru works to take in more than 700,000 migrants from Venezuela, social media stokes unwarranted fears of crime and violence.

Bus of dreams: Ganado driver hopes to inspire students with snapshots, words of greatness

GANADO – Bus driver Freddie Yazzie inspires students with photos all over bus of other students who succeeded in Navajo community.

Bringing closure: Volunteer group searches for migrant remains near the southern border

SOUTHERN ARIZONA – Aguilas del Desierto is a nonprofit group that scours the desert for the remains of migrants lost in Arizona and California.

Venezuelan professionals find it costly, difficult to pursue careers in Peru

LIMA, Peru – Educated professionals are fleeing Venezuela in droves, but continuing their careers in Peru – home to more than 700,000 expatriates – has proven difficult.