The right stuff: Young women take rising interest in taxidermy

There's an emerging trend of young women getting into the art of taxidermy these days, and many of them practice "ethical taxidermy." That means they only use the carcasses of animals that died accidentally or of natural causes.

Keeping NFL dreams alive: Indoor football offers stage for Rattlers, others

Players who were overlooked by the NFL are getting a second chance with indoor football leagues. Rattlers players are using the stage as an opportunity to showcase their skills

Smart dressers: Technology flourishes in wearable fashion designs

A model in a pink bodysuit and a red, high-waisted couture skirt featured smart technology designed to ease a woman’s menstrual cramps. Such smart technology was featured in the Wearables in Smart Fabrics Fashion Show in Phoenix.

Climbing from homelessness to give back

Rudy Soliz, a worker at Justa Center for people 55 and older who are homeless, said he knows what it’s like for people to look down on you.

How Monopoly, Jenga and Battleship show cryptocurrency’s energy drain is no game

Computers in Steve Irwin’s garage in Sun City make him $450 every day by mining for cryptocurrency. But the online currency network also eats energy.

Arizona podcasters work to attract listeners, amplify storytelling

Podcasting has become more popular and people are embarking on startups in metro Phoenix.

Tens of thousands of Arizona businesses have yet to renew ‘sales tax’ license

The Arizona Department of Revenue is reminding businesses to renew their Transaction Privilege Tax license, as about 98,000 businesses had yet to renew as of April 25.

Self-driving car industry continues to speed ahead

The Phoenix metro area is a hotspot for testing self-driving vehicles, with companies like Uber and Waymo taking advantage of limited regulations in Arizona.