Share your thoughts about Latino art in Phoenix

Cronkite News is working on a story about the Latino arts scene in Phoenix, and we want to know about your experience and opinions.

Valley artist Carlos Rivas, 36, works on a portion of a mural in downtown Phoenix.

Refugees in Phoenix connect to families, assistance through free computers

PHOENIX -- In a dimly lit apartment off I-17, a 9-year-old Syrian girl named Aya is learning how to use her family’s first computer.

Democrats leave ICE meeting convinced arrests a taste of what’s to come

WASHINGTON - Democratic leaders left a meeting with immigration officials Thursday convinced that recent apprehensions, detentions and deportations have greatly expanded under President Donald Trump, and said they were told to "expect more arrests."

Agencies seek help fighting ‘sophisticated’ criminal threat at border

WASHINGTON - Despite efforts to secure U.S. points of entry, drug cartels have the networks, money and technology to continue smuggling drugs into the U.S., law enforcement officials told a House committee Thursday.

New mural in downtown Phoenix promotes peace and unity

PHOENIX - The Central Christian Church of Arizona supplied two large canvases, paint and brushes and invited the public to contribute a large mural promoting peace.

Phoenix denies sanctuary city petition, immigrant advocates vow to continue push

PHOENIX – After the Phoenix City Council voted Wednesday to deny a petition to make Phoenix a sanctuary city, immigrants rights groups said they would continue their push to mitigate fear of deportation among Arizona’s undocumented population.

Arizona businesses close for “A Day without Immigrants”

PHOENIX - Dozens of Phoenix area businesses closed their doors and their employees stayed home for “A Day Without Immigrants,” a national effort to highlight the contributions of immigrants to the U.S. economy.

How will the border wall affect the environment?

Cronkite News is developing a story about President Donald Trump's border wall plan and its effect on the environment, especially for border states.

Mexican gray wolf photo

Arizona ranchers want border wall, worry about more Border Patrol agents on their land

DOUGLAS -- John Ladd stepped out of his rusted, red pickup truck to lead a herd of cattle through a gate on his 16,000-acre ranch on the Arizona-Mexico border, chain and padlock swinging from his hand.

Guide aids, educates families on what to do if ‘picked up by ICE in Arizona’

PHOENIX -- With President Donald Trump’s new enforcement of deportation orders, and the deportation of Guadalupe Garcia de Rayos last week, immigrant rights organizations in Arizona are stepping up their educational efforts so families will know what rights they have if a parent is deported.

Political ideologies of the past still resonate with the residents of Bisbee

BISBEE – It’s a sunny and cool early February day. The chill in the air perfectly offsets the sun’s glow, heating the canyon that cradles the town. This community, tucked up in southeastern Arizona’s mountains, curls around a massive, defunct open-pit copper mine that once fueled its economy.

Trump won’t say where or how, but vows fight to reinstate travel ban

WASHINGTON - President Donald Trump vowed Friday to continue to fight for his travel ban, just hours after losing a second court battle over his order temporarily freezing admission of refugees and of all visitors from seven majority-Muslim nations.