Emotions run high as Gov. Ducey, Homeland Security Sec. John Kelly tour Arizona border

NOGALES, ARIZONA — All seemed calm at this southern Arizona town Thursday despite Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly and Gov. Doug Ducey touring the border.

Deported mother temporarily reunited with kids in Mexico

NOGALES - After a whirlwind 48 hours during which she was detained, deported and taken to a migrant shelter in Mexico, Guadalupe Garcia de Rayos was temporarily reunited with her children.

Arizona law enforcement cautious of Trump order to enforce immigration laws

PHOENIX - Citing limited resources and Arizona’s controversial history, many local and state law enforcement officials said they have no plans to amp up their immigration enforcement in light of a presidential executive order calling for them to crackdown on illegal immigration.

ASU students, faculty join nationwide rally against Trump’s travel ban

TEMPE -- More than 100 students and faculty at Arizona State University participated in the “Academics United” solidarity rally on the Tempe campus Thursday in support of those affected by President Donald Trump’s effort to impose a travel ban.

Mesa mother at center of immigration protests deported

PHOENIX — The mother who sparked protests outside the ICE building after immigration authorities detained her has been deported to Nogales, Mexico.

Phoenix schools encourage students to prepare for STEM careers

PHOENIX - The Cartwright School District is working to bridge the gap between its students and STEM education to encourage more Latinos and young women to pursue careers in Science, Technology, Mathematics and Engineering, or STEM.

Valley churches opening their doors, hearts to undocumented immigrants

PHOENIX - Amid nation-wide backlash to President Donald Trump’s executive orders to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border and crack down on immigration, churches across the Valley have taken a stance against the Trump administration’s new policies.

Kelly vows to get local input as feds seek way to close southern border

WASHINGTON - Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly told a House panel Tuesday that a wall will help close the "gaping wound" of the U.S-Mexico border, but that he will rely on local authorities to tell his department where and how to close the border.

While courts weigh travel ban, international students watch and wait

WASHINGTON - Leila Asadi has had to put her doctoral dissertation on hold while courts consider legal challenges to President Donald Trump's temporary ban on travel from seven majority-Muslim countries.

Arizona’s effort to boost trade with Mexico faces hurdle under Trump administration

PHOENIX - Arizona is caught in the middle as President Donald Trump tries to limit foreign trade with Mexico while the state tries to boost cross border business.

‘Music is key to healing the soul’ for Tucson refugees

TUCSON -- On a beautiful day in Armory Park in the downtown area, a unique blend of music emanates from between the trees. A sax player from Ethiopia, a guitarist from Burundi, and drummers from Trinidad & Tobago and the U.S. create a cross-cultural sound.

Border sheriff, businessman take different sides on border wall debate

WASHINGTON - One day before the new secretary of Homeland Security was scheduled to testify on border security, a Nogales business owner joined critics speaking out Monday against the Trump administration's plans to continue the "militarization" of the southern border.