Arizona falls to 6th worst driving state in the nation

Arizona is now in the top 10 states with the worst drivers in the nation. According to a study released by, Arizona ranks third for careless driving and seventh for failure to obey traffic laws.

New app sends reports on police directly to ACLU

Police body cameras have become more common in the past few years. Now a new app by the Arizona affiliate of the American Civil Liberties Union lets the public film the police and send the report directly to the ACLU.

Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema helps United Food Bank feed the hungry

MESA – The sounds of cans clinking, packing tape tearing, and boxes stacking filled United Food Bank’s Nina Warehouse on Monday morning. It was a melody created by 25 volunteer worker bees feverishly moving along an assembly line.

Ducey asks federal committee for resources to battle drugs

Arizona started a program in September to combat drug smuggling on the border and the state needs more money and resources to move the plan forward, Gov. Doug Ducey said at a Homeland Security field hearing on Monday.

Local experts: New era of terrorism constantly evolving

In the wake of the deadly attacks in Paris, the world’s leaders have been focused on what it might take to stop the Islamic terrorist group ISIS, which claimed responsibility for the Friday assaults that killed 129 and wounded more than 300.