Seeking stability: Venezuelans in Peru

Venezuelan refugees arrive daily in Peru, having crossed more than 2,000 miles of Colombia and Ecuador. They come by car, bus and on foot. They’re part of the largest mass migration ever in the Western Hemisphere – at least 3 million displaced people over the past four years. Peru alone has taken in 700,000 people, welcoming them with relatively open arms. But the influx is straining the nation’s housing, labor and health care systems – and may permanently change Peru’s population and culture.

With Venezuela in turmoil, migrants and refugees turn to Peru

Peru has welcomed with open arms more than 700,000 Venezuelan migrants. The inflow is both a test and an opportunity for the country’s economy.

‘The cellphone does everything’: Smartphones, internet access are key tools of 21st century migration

Cellphones and internet access are key tools for the hundreds of thousands of Venezuelan refugees who are fleeing violence and poverty.

Venezuelan professionals find it costly, difficult to pursue careers in Peru

LIMA, Peru – Educated professionals are fleeing Venezuela in droves, but continuing their careers in Peru – home to more than 700,000 expatriates – has proven difficult.

Venezuelans in Peru worry that media’s focus on crime spurs lies, hatred

As Peru works to take in more than 700,000 migrants from Venezuela, social media stokes unwarranted fears of crime and violence.

Schools in Peru are under added pressure from wave of Venezuelan migrants

Although overwhelmed and short of money, educators in Peru are scrambling to accommodate an influx of Venezuelan school children.

Peru holds out some hope for Venezuelan migrants with HIV

As access to medication dwindles, Venezuelans with HIV flee to Peru in search of life-saving resources.

Red tape, chaos in Venezuela prevent ‘brain drain’ from aiding Peru

Venezuelan’s “brain drain” of medical professionals could benefit Peru, but bureaucracy and unrest in Venezuela pose huge obstacles.

Venezuelan artists strive to survive, make a difference in Peru

Talented Venezuelan migrants in Peru share their stories about trying to earn a living through art.

Influx of Venezuelans sorely tests Peru’s economy and labor market

The Peruvian labor market is being transformed by an influx of more than 700,000 Venezuelans, a number that could double by year’s end.

As Peru welcomes Venezuelan refugees, its immigration system is overwhelmed

As more Venezuelans fleeing the economic and political crisis in their homeland arrive daily in Peru, the Peruvian government readily acknowledges it can’t keep up with the applications for temporary or permanent residency.

On the border of a new future: Young Venezuelans in Peru

Youth emigrating from Venezuela experience a mix of optimism and apprehension about starting their new lives in Peru.

A child of two nations: Hope for ‘democracia’ in Peru spurs new parents

A newborn represents the vanguard of a new generation of Peruvians born to Venezuelan refugee parents

Even as they adapt to life in Peru, Venezuelans dream of returning home

Many of the 700,000 Venezuelans who moved to Peru in recent years dream of returning home, which could slow their integration into Peruvian society. Even though Spanish is spoken in both countries, there are many differences between the nations..

Sewing class in Peru is ‘home’ for Venezuelan woman

A Peruvian woman opens her arms to Venezuelan refugees fleeing turmoil in their home country.

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