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No pressing the flesh, but candidates learn to campaign under COVID-19

TEMPE - Faced with the stay-home orders and social distancing of COVID-19, candidates have suspended rallies and in-person campaigning, have staffers working from home and are scrambling to find ways to reach voters while competing for donations and media attention in the face of a pandemic.

Arizonans: What’s at stake for you in this election?

The national election has addressed issues like immigration, the economy, infrastructure, energy and national security.

Cheers, tears from Arizona delegation as Clinton gives historic acceptance speech

PHILADELPHIA - Tucson resident Joseline Mata, a Hillary Clinton delegate from the beginning, was crying in the stands of the Democratic National Convention Thursday as Clinton accepted the party’s nomination, the first woman in history to do so.

Blue state or blue sky? Arizona Democrats hopeful for fall elections

PHILADELPHIA - Fresh off the history-making nomination of Hillary Clinton, the first female presidential nominee for a major U.S. party, Arizona Democrats said they think the historically Republican state could turn blue – or at least purple – this fall.

Sanders supporters continue protests as Democrats nominate Clinton

PHILADELPHIA - Arizona native Jason Hurst came to Philadelphia with a message for Democrats on the night they were expected to formally nominate Hillary Clinton for president: “I can’t stomach the thought of even voting for Clinton.”

Behind the scenes at the DNC: Arizona Democratic delegates share their insights

What’s happening at the Democratic National Convention that Arizonans wouldn’t know by watching from home?

Arizona Democratic delegates: How the ‘Bernie effect’ influenced party platform

We asked Arizona Democrats in Philadelphia, "Are you noticing a 'Bernie effect' on the Democratic Party platform?"

Tribal leaders call on next president to include Native voices in policy

PHILADELPHIA – Edward Manuel ticks off the issues - water shortages, federal approval of mining projects, allocation of scarce resources - all decisions made with what he thinks is insufficient input from the nation’s tribes.