Arizona HR expert: ‘Time will tell’ if high-profile sexual harassment allegations impact number of claims

PHOENIX – Companies interested in providing a safe work environment must do more than just run training sessions, say human resources experts as high-profile allegations of sexual harassment and assault surface almost daily.

High-profile cases

Report: State’s drug, alcohol, suicide death rates to climb by 2025

WASHINGTON - A new report says death rates in Arizona from drugs, alcohol and suicides could grow by 38 percent over the next decade unless action is taken now to head off the problem.

Opioids Local

Snowbowl bypasses Mother Nature, makes own snow for opening

FLAGSTAFF – If it wasn’t for little more than a mile stretch of man-made snow spanning 25 acres atop the Arizona Snowbowl, one might think it was summer in Flagstaff.


Steve Bannon comes to Tucson, hundreds protest

TUCSON - The groups were separated by a street, metal barriers and police officers. On one side, a man shouted into his megaphone. “The people united will never be defeated!” On the other side, a woman yelled into her megaphone. “The people united, are gonna be deported!”

Domestic violence: A deadly problem among Native American communities

PHOENIX — Kayla White was 12 years old that winter morning when her life was changed forever. On Jan. 2, 2009, White’s mother was killed by her father, becoming a victim of domestic violence.

Kayla White and her mother.

Arizona lawmakers split along party lines as House approves tax cut

WASHINGTON - Arizona lawmakers fell in line with their respective parties Thursday as the House voted 227-205 for a $1.5 trillion tax-cut plan, making good on Speaker Paul Ryan's promise to get a bill passed before the Thanksgiving recess.

Giffords assures crowd at Capitol ceremony she’s ‘still fighting’

WASHINGTON - It's been almost six years since Gabrielle Giffords walked the halls of the Capitol, but her time away does not appear to have reduced the number of friends and supporters the former Tucson congresswoman has here.

Backers hope Route 66 ‘historic trail’ designation can drive tourism

WASHINGTON - Anyone who doubts the lure of Route 66 should talk to Winslow Chamber of Commerce CEO Bob Hall, who said that capitalizing on the historic highway was key to revitalization of the historic downtown.

As NAFTA staggers, Arizona keeps pushing forward to maintain its trade relationship with Mexico

PHOENIX ‒ As a border state, Arizona plays a dual role in some of President Donald Trump’s policy proposals. It wants the border to be shielded from drug smuggling and undocumented immigration, but still be open for trade with Mexico.

Gov. Doug Ducey

Local Latino veterans come together to share art, hope to leave legacy of their service

PHOENIX - Memories of the battlefield were brought back to life at “Los Veteranos De Arizona” art exhibit.

People with art

Despite slowing, foreign student numbers in US, Arizona inched up

WASHINGTON - A report Monday revealed for the first time "a very real drop" in new enrollment by international students in U.S. colleges and universities in 2016-2017.

Left behind: Vietnam Wall collects almost 250,000 mementos to fallen

WASHINGTON - On a cool November morning, New Hampshire resident Howie Howe came to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington and stopped to see the names of two foster brothers that are etched on the wall.