West Nile virus now is a permanent part of Arizona’s ecosystem, study finds

PHOENIX – A study from Northern Arizona University and the Translational Genomics Research Institute discovered the sometimes-fatal disease known as West Nile virus is in Arizona to stay. It also found that Maricopa County is a breeding ground for infestations in adjoining states.

Grand Canyon, other parks, to be reimbursed for funds spent in shutdown

WASHINGTON - The National Park Service will reimburse parks, like the Grand Canyon, that were forced to dip into local maintenance funds to stay open during the government shutdown. But critics say parks should never have had to use their own funding to stay open and worry about long-term effects.

‘Done’ isn’t done: What’s happening with the Colorado River drought plans?

GREELEY, Colo. – The Drought Contingency Plan is designed to rein in water use and — at least for six years — prevent the whole system from crashing.

Clean-water permits take longest in Arizona, study of Southwestern states says

PHOENIX – It takes longer to get a construction permit under the Clean Water Act in Arizona than in any other Southwestern state, a new University of California-Irvine study says. The question is why.

Bald eagle web cam at Lake Pleasant captures real-time drama of survival

LAKE PLEASANT – It’s bald eagle nesting season in Arizona, and the Arizona Game and Fish Department has a web camera trained on an eagle nest at Lake Pleasant.

Late push for Salton Sea improvements complicates Colorado River drought plan

SANTA MONICA, Calif. – Arizona approved a drought contingency plan ahead of a federal deadline Thursday, but the state and California still have work to do before the deal can be implemented. California is taking water from Lake Mead in case the plan fails.