Flush with success: Low-flow toilets are water-conservation champ

LONGMONT – In water conservation the modern toilet reigns as M.V.P. in cutting Western water use, give some props to the toilet.

Remembering the legacy of ‘Those Dam Women’

LAS VEGAS – Women may not have done actual construction work on the Boulder dam, but that is the only thing they didn't do for the project and the town.

Non-native tamarisk are demonized across the West, but are they really the enemy?

LONGMONT – A poster says “WANTED -- Dead, Not Alive!” The tree has become a scapegoat for our relationship with water in the West.

Phoenix hopes to build mill to recycle certain plastics, easing pressure on landfills

PHOENIX – It’s been six months since China stopped importing most plastic and paper waste from U.S. cities. And the void left is massive.

Workers sort through recycled materials at a Phoenix facility.

Think you can escape pollution by going to a national park? Think again

The air in two popular national parks in California is as dirty as it is in Los Angeles – the smoggiest city in the country.

Unlikely allies back bill to fund $11.6 billion in national parks work

WASHINGTON - Reps. Raul Grijalva and Rob Bishop agree on almost nothing, but the two came together to back a bipartisan bill that could steer billions in federal energy revenues toward a national parks maintenance backlog that reached $11.6 billion last year - $531 million of it in Arizona.

How Arizona’s largest aquarium keeps its sharks happy, healthy

SCOTTSDALE – OdySea Aquarium depends on advanced filtration systems and tons of raw fish to keep its creatures alive and well in the middle of the desert.

Endangered species changes either ‘long overdue’ or ‘massive attack’

WASHINGTON - Trump administration plans to revamp the Endangered Species Act were hailed as "long overdue" by industry groups, even as environmentalists called the changes a "a massive attack on imperiled wildlife."

Arizona is among top states for renewable energy, report says

The Environment Arizona & Policy Center released a report on Tuesday that focuses on how well the nation is utilizing renewable energy.

Arizona officials target species of invasive snail in the lower Salt River

PHOENIX – The Arizona Game & Fish Department wants to get rid of applesnails in the Salt River, and officials have enlisted the public’s help to clear the snails from the area.

From injured turtles to sustainable clothing: Former Hamilton standout finds his passion

Montreal Alouettes linebacker Glenn Love Jr. found a passion outside of football that also helps the environment.

Plan to ‘modernize’ Endangered Species Act called ‘extinction bills’

A group of Western lawmakers unveiled a package of bills to "modernize" the Endangered Species Act by allowing more local input and encouraging voluntary conservation efforts, but critics quidkly labeled the proposals "extinction bills."