Despite low pay, WNBA still attraction to international players

PHOENIX — In a quest for better salaries, nearly half of WNBA players compete overseas in the off-season. The mindset for international players, however, is different.

English contingent leads Phoenix Rising FC

SCOTTSDALE — In the United States, a popular formula for building a successful soccer franchise hinges on a team’s ability to sign and develop young local talent.

Arizona churches offer sanctuary to immigrants seeking refuge

PHOENIX - A twin bed, a desk and a bookcase fill a small, rectangular room at Shadow Rock United Church of Christ in north Phoenix. On top of the desk, a Bible lays open, which Ismael Delgado, an immigrant from Mexico, uses each day to study scriptures.

Tribulations and triumph: Phoenix theater troupes explore diversity and community

PHOENIX - Theater starts with an idea – a dream, a passion or a problem. Diverse theater in Arizona takes another step, giving voice to communities that otherwise get little attention on stage.

May 24, 2017 Newscast

Cronkite News borderlands special: sanctuary cities, DACA and food rescues

House panel calls for crackdown on ‘growing problem’ of visa overstays

WASHINGTON - House members called on Department of Homeland Security officials Tuesday to crack down on the "growing problem" of immigrants who overstay their visas in the U.S.

Homeland Security: More than 600,000 overstayed U.S. visas in 2016

WASHINGTON - Nearly 629,000 people who came to the United States on a visa in fiscal 2016 stayed after it expired and were still here at the end of the year, the Department of Homeland Security reported Monday.

Visa Reprieve

Bills to ease Border Patrol hiring advance in Senate, stall in House

WASHINGTON - A Senate committee Wednesday approved a bill that would make it easier to hire Border Patrol officers by waiving polygraph tests for applicants who are current or former military, police or other law enforcement officers.

Border IOU

Emma and Elvia: An undocumented mother’s dedication to her daughter with disabilities

Elvia Urias is an undocumented immigrant who cares for her daughter, Emma, who has severe mental disabilities. Emma, 22, is protected from deportation by DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) but now has aged out of school. She spends most of her time alone at home while her mother works evenings to provide for the two of them.

Women’s collective encourages environmental, economic sustainability in Agua Prieta’s poorest area

PHOENIX -- A cross-border partnership with Quaker roots is encouraging women in low-income areas of Agua Prieta, Sonora, to become self-sufficient through programs teaching sewing, brick making, organic gardening, and more.

Arizona migration trends tracked through ‘death map’ of discovered human remains

PHOENIX - It might take a second to for the computer to load, but then it’s there: a map of Southern Arizona nearly completely covered with red markers, so dense in some areas that it’s black.

Environmentalists face uphill borderlands battle with proposed wall

Phoenix -- As the bidding war for the construction of President Donald Trump's wall comes to a close, many environmental activists remain concerned over the potential impact it will have on wildlife and ecology on the border.