Sessions: Sanctuary cities ‘dangerously undermine’ fight against gangs

WASHINGTON - Attorney General Jeff Sessions repeated criticisms of sanctuary cities Tuesday, calling them a threat to U.S. safety that "dangerously undermine" efforts to stop transnational criminal gangs.

Kelly touts Homeland Security gains, has harsh words for critics

WASHINGTON - Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly said that apprehensions at the Southwestern border have fallen sharply during his first 90 days in office, but there is still security work to be done in the United States and abroad.

Educators in Arizona: Talk to us about the teacher shortage

In Arizona, there are 2,166 vacant teacher positions open statewide, according to the Arizona School Personnel Administrators Association.

Edward Escobar: The man who transformed Transborder Studies at ASU is retiring

PHOENIX - When Edward Escobar put in his application to work for Arizona State University in 1993, he was charged with the task of creating a Chicano Studies course, the first of its kind on campus.

Suspected shooter in 2010 Border Patrol slaying arrested in Mexico

WASHINGTON - It's been more than six years since Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was killed in a shootout with drug smugglers near Rio Rico, and his family was beginning to lose hope that the suspects would be caught.

Polygraphs for Border Patrol applicants seen as hurdle to hiring rush

WASHINGTON - Customs and Border Protection officials are considering ways to waive polygraph exams for some job applicants as the agency works to meet President Donald Trump's push to hire thousands more border agents.

Opponents file suit to block border wall on environmental grounds

WASHINGTON - Rep. Raul Grijalva, D-Tucson, and the Center for Biological Diversity challenged President Donald Trump's proposed border wall on environmental grounds Wednesday, going to court to force the administration to follow environmental protection laws before starting construction.

Act of solidarity, compassion: Volunteers visit ICE detainees at Eloy facility

ELOY – Sandra Ojeda is familiar with search procedures and the visitor registration process at the Eloy Detention Center.

El Concilio celebrates 25 years of uniting Latino, Chicano, Hispanic students at ASU

For 25 years, one coalition has worked to unite Latino, Chicano and Hispanic student organizations at Arizona State University.

Arizona history serves as key legal argument in states’ court brief supporting Trump travel ban

PHOENIX - When 13 states recently filed a brief in support of President Trump’s travel ban, they used Arizona’s rocky history of immigration enforcement at the core of their legal argument.

New U.S. citizen makes music for his homeland of Burundi

PHOENIX- Ntimpa Ngabire Bright cuts a striking figure in slim pants, shiny black lace-up oxford shoes, and a colorful blazer festooned with swirls of red, black and gray.

Signs of the times: Tucson artist aims to capture the history of the south side

TUCSON - Wielding paint scrapers and a power washer, Alex Jimenez and Johanna Martinez approached the exterior wall of an ice cream shop in the heat of a late March afternoon, preparing the canvas where they’ll document some of the history of Tucson’s south side.