In Focus, episode 3: Sleep deprivation and the student brain

Getting a goodnight’s sleep isn’t always easy, especially when you're a young adult balancing school, work, clubs and social pressures. According to a study published in the Journal of Adolescent Health in 2010, more 60 percent of the 1,125 university students studied reported poor quality sleep. That can have a deep impact on health, learning and job performance. On this episode of In Focus, we explore the consequences of sleep deprivation among young adults. We hear from one college student who had a frightening experience with sleep paralysis he attributes to stress, and we speak with a sleep specialist about how to get better sleep – even during your college years.

Boxing training may help people with Parkinson’s disease

PHOENIX – Valley Parkinson's patients are turning to non-contact boxing to help punch back at their disease.

Steve Shenkman trains with Nicole Greene at Edge Fitness in Scottsdale. Shenkman has been doing boxing for more than a year to help minimize the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. (Photo by Johanna Huckeba/Cronkite News)

Feel your temperature rising? It’s not burning love, it’s urban heat

The metropolitan area of Phoenix is known as the one of the warmest in the country, according to ASU's School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning. It’s also one of the fastest growing.

Shoe-leather lobbying: Students in D.C. learn how to press an issue

WASHINGTON - Daniel Restrepo admits that he may have gotten politically complacent while President Barack Obama was in office, years in which he felt that "the march of progress was always this steady constant thing."

TGen concussion study of ASU football players may lead to better diagnosis, treatment

PHOENIX – A three-year study of the Arizona State University football team will help researchers develop tools to better diagnose and prevent sports-related concussions and other injuries or diseases.

Health care advocates cheer delayed vote on Obamacare replacement

PHOENIX – Dozens of people gathered at the state Capitol Thursday cheered after the House of Representatives delayed its vote on healthcare legislation to replace the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare.

ASU outfielder Hunter Bishop lives ‘4MOM’ with Alzheimer’s

PHOENIX – Hunter Bishop leans up against the railing of the dugout at Phoenix Municipal Stadium, sunflower seeds stuffing his mouth. Every part of him – except for maybe his slender 6-foot-5 frame – looks the part of an ordinary Division I baseball player. However, there’s more to the Arizona State freshman outfielder.

Arizona children with Down syndrome twirl, strut and stroll on fashion runway

PHOENIX – Thirteen-year-old Sophie Stern loves watching aspiring fashion designers compete on Project Runway.

Healthy divorce: Are you living better?

A University of Arizona study observed women from ages 50-79 over three years and concluded that divorced women made healthier lifestyle choices than those who stayed married.

Will the future of Obamacare affect you?

Cronkite News is interested in hearing how you may be affected if changes are made to the Affordable Care Act.

Arizona bill would allow schools to stock and administer asthma medication

PHOENIX – Arizona’s asthmatic children might breathe easier this fall if legislation shielding public and charter schools from lawsuits for dispensing aid without parental consent becomes law.

A day in the life: Alzheimer’s caregiver

According to the Alzheimer's Association, more than 5 million Americans are living with Alzheimer's disease, and 15.9 million family and friends are their caregivers.