Do new FAA drone rules go far enough for Arizonans?

SCOTTSDALE – The Federal Aviation Administration this week released new rules for commercial drone pilots, but one local unmanned aircraft enthusiast said the agency is focused on regulating the wrong group of users.

College students face unique challenges voting

TEMPE – Students at Rollins College in Florida are designing custom “I voted” stickers for absentee voters. Across the country, the University of Southern California has partnered with county officials to host voter registration events with prizes, games and free food. And at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the student government plans campuswide voter registration drives as well.

Why overseas military personnel ballots may not be counted

When Americans vote for president in November, many of the 1.4 million active-duty U.S. military personnel stationed or deployed overseas will not know whether their absentee ballots have reached their home states to be counted. And the federal Election Assistance Commission, charged with monitoring their votes, may not know either.

What you need to know about millennials and politics

PHOENIX – Millennials get a bad rap when it comes to voting. They’re labeled narcissistic, self-absorbed and apathetic. (Just look at their nicknames: the selfie generation, generation me, the unemployables.)

Foster care children aging out of Arizona system need transitional help

PHOENIX - Jasmine Flores entered the Arizona foster care system when she was 13 years old. She stayed in the system, moving from group home to group home to group home and changing schools along the way.

Arizonans: What’s at stake for you in this election?

The national election has addressed issues like immigration, the economy, infrastructure, energy and national security.

The unaffiliated: Why more than a quarter of Arizonans are leaving religion behind

PHOENIX — "Granny tells me I'm going to hell," said Chris Wojno, vice president of the Humanist Society of Greater Phoenix.

Chris Wojno is the vice president of the Humanist Society of Greater Phoenix. (Photo by Anna Copper/Cronkite News)

New aircraft designed specifically for athletes

RIO DE JANEIRO — Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Company turned heads from the Olympics for a moment earlier this week to its new SportJet, a plane custom-designed to carry professional athletes.

Tempe company rolls into Rio with Olympic mountain biker

PRESCOTT —In the mountain biking world, the mechanics of the bike are just as important as the riding itself. Rio-bound Chloe Woodruff prepared in Prescott for her first Olympics on locally-engineered, custom-painted equipment.

Arizona delegates offer different perceptions of convention impacts

Cronkite News asked Arizona Democratic and Republican delegates whether their conventions strengthened their parties.

How we used texting to engage Arizona delegates during the political conventions

Cronkite News reported on the Republican and Democratic national political conventions with audience in mind from the start.

Phone at the DNC