ASU professor tests preventive cancer vaccine

For more than 10 years, professor Stephen Johnston and a team of researchers at Arizona State University’s Biodesign Institute have been developing a cancer vaccine aimed at preventing all types of cancer.

More than one million people in the United States get cancer each year, according to the American Cancer Society. (Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

TGen researchers looks to canines to advance treatment of cancer

SCOTTSDALE – Keith and Marna McLendon thought their 9-year-old Scottish terrier, Molly, had a mere bladder infection.

Valley group offers support to Alzheimer’s caregivers

Debbie Cyment has been an Alzheimer’s disease caregiver for about two and a half years.

8-year-old Valley girl launches ‘Buddy Bench’ to make sure every kid has friend

Can you remember what you were doing at age 7? I was running around, playing with friends. The only thing I worried about was what was the snack that day.

Olympic medalist prepares elite track athletes at Phoenix-based Altis

When a marketing team proposed the name “Altis” to John Godina for the sports-training business he founded, it had a familiar ring to him.

Is there any truth to ‘crazy cat lady’ nickname? Study says maybe…

Cats have always been that furry friend that provide a form of stress relief and companionship. But a new study links them to the exact opposite.

TGen researchers turn to canines to better understand Valley fever

Some dogs cough. Others lose their appetite. And some dogs don’t show any symptoms at all.

Valley Fever dog photo

Tucson Convention Center photo

ASU students get free college tuition after winning national ‘Heroes of the Dorm’ e-sports tournament

Confetti fell and the crowd cheered as a champion was crowned at CenturyLink Field in Seattle, Washington.

Arizona cities work to stay ahead of emerging technology

Every month seemingly brings a slick new gadget to consumers’ hands, but those technological advancements aren’t always felt in the public sector, where some local governments have only just begun to push through upgrades to sometimes decades-old systems.

The city of Peoria offers crime reporting services through its website. (Cronkite News)

Honey bees: ASU researchers’ study may help improve lifespan

Honey bees play an imperative role in the feeding the country as they pollinate about a third of all food consumed in United States, according to the American Beekeeping Federation.

Eco-friendly green burials become more popular in Arizona, the U.S.

An alternative, environmentally-focused way of interment is picking up popularity across the United States.