Valeria Rodríguez
Valeria Rodríguez vah-LEH-ree-ah roe-DREE-gehs (she/her/hers)
News Broadcast Reporter, Phoenix

Valeria Rodríguez expects to graduate in May 2024 with a master’s degree in mass communication. Rodríguez currently also works at Arizona PBS.

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Organizaciones no lucrativas ayudan a sobrevivientes de cáncer de mama

PHOENIX – Organizaciones de Phoenix unen esfuerzos para ayudar a sobrevivientes de cáncer de mama.

Brasieres con decoraciones hechos por los voluntarios en Knitted Knockers y Bag and Boob Babes. Los artículos fueron parte de un evento en Phoenix el 22 de octubre de 2022. (Foto de Valeria Rodríguez/Cronkite Noticias)

Exoskeleton suit designed to reduce strain on manual laborers

PHOENIX – The WearTech Center, GoX Labs and Arizona State University collaborated to develop an exoskeleton suit called the PhenEx. The suit is designed to reduce the strain on workers as they lift heavy objects.

‘Only the beginning’: Brandon Act meant to reduce barriers, stigma for military members seeking mental health help

PEORIA – The legacy of Brandon Caserta of Arizona lives on in the Brandon Act, which allows service men and women to seek mental health help outside the military to reduce barriers and the stigma of self-reporting.

Navy reinforcements help Valleywise Health amid health care worker shortage

PHOENIX – Seven members of the Navy have joined Valleywise Health Medical Center to support overburdened frontline health care workers, per a request from the Federal Emergency Management Agency. The team will stay for a month.

Crop talk: UArizona scientists learning how plants communicate with their environment

TUCSON – Scientists at the University of Arizona are testing how plants respond to their environment. Their goal is to engineer plants so they can withstand the effects of climate change.

Survey highlights ongoing teacher shortage for Arizona schools

PHOENIX – Nearly 2,000 teacher positions remain vacant in Arizona, and teaching positions are being filled by people who do not meet the standard teaching requirements, according to the Arizona School Personnel Administrators Association.